The Selfish World: Naomi Campell

“I want to get this over and done with…. This is a big inconvenience for me”

Naomi Campbell has had a modelling career like no other, at age 15 she was spotted window shopping by the head of Synchro Modelling Agency. And from there went on to become the most famous model ever, her early career saw her model for companies such as Ralph Lauren and François Nars, she appeared on the cover of Elle, and Vogue Paris. It is fair to say Naomi Campbell is by far the world most known model, but aside from that, Campbell seems to bring a certain degree of problems to everything she does, including her recent appearance in court for the trial of war lord Charles Taylor.

Whilst Naomi Campbell has had a lot of success on the catwalk, it’s worth remembering the trouble that comes with her, the list is endless, in 2000 she settled a case for slapping her assistant, in 2005 another assistant claimed to have been attacked by her on three different occasions, 2006 saw her arrested for battering a house keeper, 2007 saw her own up to reckless assault of another house keeper, and of course 2008 saw her assault a police officer at Heathrow due to a lost bag. I am sure this list will get bigger in time. More recently it was reported by Mia Farrow that Campbell had owned up to receiving a large Blood Diamond from Charles Taylor.

Campbell was summoned to court by the judge, although originally she refused to go, she did in the end decide to attend the trial, all be it, she did turn up late for the proceedings (some might say fashionably, others might say she doesn’t give a toss). She then proceeded to tell the court how she received the diamonds in the middle of the night, and how she just thought they were ‘dirty looking stones’. She then claimed to have given them to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, as she wanted them to go to charity, on explanation of the diamonds, in her usual patronizing tone she said “I’m used to seeing big diamonds in a box, not like that”. She then proceeded to tell the judge how this was an inconvenience for her, something that can only be described a ridiculous statement, from a ridiculous women.

Blood Diamonds are diamonds that are found in war zones, they fund the efforts of war lords for their crimes. For someone such as Charles Taylor it funds his attacks, and his butchering of innocent people.  Charles Taylor is a man that has been known to cut pregnant women open and take their babies, he is someone who steals children as young as 8 to use them for war, giving them AK-47 Rifles and allowing them to kill people, so whilst this may be an inconvenience for Campbell, it might be better for all if this man is locked up.

Naomi Campbell has a chance to make a difference to some people’s lives here, if this man can be locked up, thousands of lives could be saved, surely Naomi Campbell would want to play a part in that… right?

For her to suggest that this is an ‘inconvenience’ is a ludicrous comment, this is only an inconvenience to someone who is so wrapped up in their own lives that they can’t see beyond that. Whilst Naomi Campbell can be accused of being selfish, I didn’t think she would stoop far enough to not want to help get rid of Blood Diamonds all together. Although at one point during the trial, Campbell did confess to not even knowing what Blood Diamonds were, and whilst I think she may be that fickle, I am not sure I believe that comment.  This is a woman who was once romantically linked with Leonardo Dicaprio, the star of the film ‘The Blood Diamond’ a film that was shown worldwide, and one I am almost sure Campbell will have heard about at some point.

It has never been in doubt that Campbell is not the most likeable women, but not even I thought she could stoop low enough to not want to help the lives of innocent people, to not want to get people like Charles Taylor behind bars, whilst this was an inconvenience, it was also just a few hours from her day, surely that’s not too much to ask, after all, this is a man that has butchered over 2000 people.


Sean Bromley


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