The Super Injunction rolls on…. and on…. and on…. and on

Imogen Thomas Its that time again where I get to my computer and write about the wild life of some certain celebrities, and whilst the topic has been written to death I feel it only right that I offer my insight into this face that is ‘The Super Injunction’.

Firstly I want to talk about the title.  Whenever I hear ‘Super Injunction’ I half expect a man in a cape to turn up and save people from a burning building, I can’t help but be mesmerized by the title. A small part of me thinks that when the newspapers came up with that name they knew one day it could potentially be made in to a film, though the calibre of the film is an entirely different matter, especially when it’s lead star would be Imogen Thomas.


Which incidentally leads me on to my next topic, the cover girl herself, Miss 5 Minutes of Fame Please. Normally after Big Brother the previous contestants pull off a number of stunts to get some more publicity, before sleeping with a high profile footballer and selling the story. Imogen Thomas has exhausted all of these avenues, I’m quite sure she has exhausted them on more than one occasion, in fact Imogen went one better than most Big Brother contestants and has a sex tape floating around the internet. Imogen this week has hit the roof that she apparently tried to bribe the footballer at the centre of this controversy. She claims all she got was “a £250 handbag and a gagging” the latter she also received in her tape. Whilst I do feel for Imogen in the sense that she has been hung out to dry, I can’t help but think she has slightly brought this upon herself. I have heard her mention her reputation countless times during this whole situation and I can’t have been the only one that asked WHAT REPUTATION???? You’re a girl from Big Brother who afterwards became famous for sex with footballers and taking your top off for Zoo magazine. To ruin a reputation you have to build one first, or at minimum do something slightly credible.


Sadly for Imogen she isn’t going to be able to reveal the truth about who the person is, what’s worse for the footballer is his name is all over twitter, and unlike Gabby Logan, Alan Shearer, and Jeremy Clarkson, he is yet to appear and plead his innocence.  His is also one of the only names not making the tabloids when talking about this.


So Imogen, the question is what have you learnt from this?…. I suspect she has learnt that in future she needs to be quicker in selling the story…. After all she has probably lost out on £100,000 from The Sun.


Sean Bromley