The Unlikeliest Couple in Hollywood?

segel and diazJust casually browsing the internet’s bright and shiny gossip pages (when I should be doing more important things, mind) when I came across a piece about Cameron Diaz dating Jason Segel (you would know him from How I Met Your Mother, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, other American comedy things…). What? Hey?! I was completely shocked! She’s a beautiful woman, he’s not bad looking, so why shouldn’t they be together? I’d just never imagined it. They seem like such an unlikely couple. But then again, they’re both a bit silly, quite funny. They’re both globally famous actors, so would understand each others issues and problems in that respect. So maybe they are suited for each other.

They met in 2011 (on set of course) when they were in Bad Teacher together. Of course she didn’t take him away from that film, she took Justin Timberlake with her instead. No one was surprised with that match. But while she was frolicking around the world with JT (and other such stunningly beautiful men as Alex Rodriguez, Jude Law and Paul Sculfor) Cameron stayed friends with Jason Segel. It’s only now that they’ve begun filming for their next movie together (a definitely non-PG flick called Sex Tape) that the spark has ignited.

Before Miss Diaz, Jason was dating Michelle Williams (also a very unlikely pairing in my eyes) for a year. They broke up in February of this year, leaving him heartbroken. Maybe Cameron Diaz was his shoulder to cry on? Who knows.

But to be honest, the more I look at the pair, the more I like them together. There has been no official statement saying that they’re together or dating, so it really is all still speculation. What started as a ‘what? Really?’ article is now an ‘aww, I hope they’re together and get married and have lots of babies’ article.