The X Factor Effect

X Factor 2011 contestants


The X Factor has often left viewers wondering what the point is in going on the show.


By the time the excitement about the latest winner has completely dissipated, it is only then that the winner launches their first album!  Surely Simon Cowell and Sony should have at least a few tracks pre-written so that the winners can begin filtering their songs through the music scene.  Strike whilst the iron’s hot, sort of thing.  By the time you hear about the winner’s first album you’ve already forgotten who they are.  Add to that the fact that the winner is often the best of a bad bunch, there’s not really much to shout about at a time when the PR machine is most needed.


Well, after all the ridiculousness that surrounded this year’s X Factor it’s quite surprising to see that perhaps there is some point to going on the show to make even just a tiny name for yourself.  Frankie Cocozza is one such person.  Famed for showing off about taking cocaine (wow ;-) ), a daft hair cut, a terrible singing voice and trousers that were way too tight for my liking, this self-confessed layabout is now on Celebrity Big Brother.  What?  Why?  Desperate. A celebrity he is not but making money off the back of his X Factor limelight he sure is.


One Direction is another recent example of the potential for X Factor contestants to make something of themselves, albeit for a short while.  The band progressed a little further than Cocozza did during X Factor 2010 but were also far from victorious and yet Simon Cowell has taken them under his wing to make some money in the short run whilst they enjoy the ride that they were looking for.  How long they will last is anyone’s guess. However, it has to be remembered that they went on the show as young, hopeful  individuals and are now a band that is apparently touring!


On a serious note though, perhaps X Factor can relatively easily provide a launch pad for success for the right person, for someone who is undoubtedly talented.  Misha B, think what you may about her personally, as an artist the girl has talent.  Each performance on the show was brilliantly orchestrated and she always gave a highly professional performance.  Rumour has it that none other than Missy Elliot is keen to meet Misha B and potentially collaborate with her and apparently she’s not the only one.  Cheryl Cole reportedly also wants to work with her, in particular, on a duet.  Clearly Misha B will be on the scene for some time yet.  Someone will definitely help her star to shine for longer, hopefully way after Cocozza’s name has left our lips.


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