Through The Door Launch Party

As a financially challenged student living in London, my Friday evenings are usually spent either cramming for my impending exams or seeing how long fifteen pounds will last on a night out (note: not that long!) However, last Friday night I found myself at a PR event sipping free champagne and networking with new up and comers from the world of PR, journalism, and new media.


The event in question was to celebrate the launch of Through the Door Promotions, an exciting new agency that is already beginning to make waves in the PR industry. Located in the heart of the London, Shoreditch area, Through the Door is a new, innovative, and unique agency specialising in press relations, marketing and event planning.  Considering the agency is in its infancy it already boasts an exciting client list in the food, drink, lifestyle and fashion world. Through the Door’s clients list includes: Niederegger marzipan chocolate, Alex Wynter Photography, Zorokovich Vodka, ProLase hair removal, and Public House cocktail bar who incidentally provided the amazing selection of drinks on the night.


The event had a friendly, chilled out atmosphere about it which immediately put my mind at rest given all of the horrendous stories I had heard about networking in the past. I got to meet the CEO and founder of the company, Georgia Knight, and account director Hayley Smith. Both were extremely friendly, accommodating and had great things to say about LoveScene. The launch took place in their office block, which was beautifully decorated and included tables full of delicious canapés, a retro sweets counter and goody bags filled with chocolate, C.D’s, compact mirrors and a press pack.


Interestingly, the majority of journalists present at the event were from online magazines, just like ours, such as Blue Tomato and Man in London. The majority that I spoke to talked about the ever growing merge of journalism with the press relations industry. With the decline of print media, and the growing power of social media Through the Door has made sure that their clients are kept up to speed and are promoted in the best, most effective way. Their social media team creates an online presence for the agency’s clients via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram and Trendabl (a new fashion orientated social media website).


Dotted around the venue were copies of the company’s ‘bucket list’; a list of the ten things they hope to achieve over the next year. Aims and goals include gaining 20,000 Twitter followers, 10,000 subscribers to their blog, and having an article published in the print editions of numerous online magazines, (LoveScene included). There was an area where those in attendance could create their very own bucket list of the ten things you want most in the world; mine included the chance to be Prime Minister for the day, the ability to eat chocolate without gaining wait, and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. There were prizes awarded to those whose bucket lists were the most creative and original; prizes included gorgeous bespoke dresses from L Couture (one of their clients), along with copies of Sam Owen’s new book, Relationship Remedies.


The event itself was a great success, and it was a great experience to be able to talk to those in PR and journalism about the future of this industry we find ourselves in. Through the Door Promotions provides a tailored PR package for each of their clients through the team’s combination of skills. Given the determination of everyone involved and how far they have come already, I am sure that they will have no trouble in achieving everything they set out to on their bucket list.


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Images courtesy of Alex Wynter

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  1. georgia knight says:

    Glad you enjoyed – so happy you had a good time! We shall let you know about more events!

    Great article, you are very talented!!!

    Thanks to Sam Owen too!