Too Posh To Push!

Pregnant Victoria BeckhamIt was announced this week that Victoria and David Beckham will be bringing their long-awaited baby girl into the world on American Independence Day, (4th July).


The date is apparently very significant to the couple as it will symbolize their four year anniversary living stateside. Parents don’t usually have the luxury of choosing the date of their child’s birth, but Victoria Beckham can because she has opted for a pre-booked caesarean… again.


A pre-booked caesarean can give you the peace of mind about when exactly your bundle of joy will arrive and the knowledge that you probably won’t experience the excruciating pain of labour. The NHS will only offer the procedure if you are at serious risk from a natural birth: this will usually constitute having a pre-existing health condition or if you are carrying more than one child.


The Beckham’s, however, will not be using the NHS and can afford to pay for the procedure to be conducted in a private clinic. Their three eldest children have all been delivered this way and it is now quite a common occurrence among celebrities and the upper classes.


While I am in no place to pass judgement, I can’t help but think that Victoria is being slightly irresponsible. I’m sure that given the choice we would all rather forgo the pain of labour, however, there is a reason that doctors do not schedule one unless absolutely necessary. Babies, for the most part, come when they’re ready and the last few weeks are about the baby putting on weight and making sure their vital organs are as developed as possible.


A new trend is emerging among the Hollywood elite however… completely natural births! Victoria’s Secret Model, Miranda Kerr, welcomed baby Flynn into the world on 6th January following a gruelling 24 hour labour. The Australian-born model was determined to do it the natural way and husband Orlando Bloom remained at her side the whole time.


I feel that the Beckham’s could face some negative press by their choice of birth plan. After all you should fit your schedule around your child, not the other way round.


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  1. Sally Simpson says:

    Interesting article – but I think in this instance that Posh has no choice but to have a c-section, given that she has had 3 already. Even if she wanted to give birth naturally she wouldn’t be allowed due to already having 3 operations.

    However, she did choose to have her 1st and 2nd sections so in those instances was definatly too posh to push – or rumour has it that they were combined with a tummy tuck? who knows!