Top 10 Celebrities Ageing Gracefully

Michael DouglasGrowing old gracefully under the scrutiny of this critical world cannot be easy.  Whilst some of these celebrities may have had some sort of secret surgery they have refrained from altering their looks in an attempt to defy the aging process.  For this reason they have made it onto this list of Top 10 Celebrities Ageing Gracefully.  As they are all equally great role models they are on this list collectively, rather than in any particular order.


Michael Douglas, aged 66, still looks great because he has decided to grow old gracefully.  He may be old but he still has those charming looks reminiscent of his younger days.  Not only is he embracing his old looks he is also embracing film roles depicting him as an older man, for example, his character in The Sentinel.  One also can’t help but wonder if fighting cancer is easier on the body when the body is 100% natural.


Halle Berry, aged 44, featured in our article not only looks young for her age but she is actually naturally young.  With Hollywood seeing people in their 20s having plastic surgery it would be easy for Halle Berry to succumb to this crazy trend of wanting to look better but thankfully this ex-model Susan Sarandonand actress is sticking with her natural looks.  She states that she embraces growing old rather than stressing about it.  One method she advocates for this is becoming used to how you look without any make-up on.


Susan Sarandon, aged 64, seems to look beautiful no matter what age she is.  Why?  Ask her and she’ll give you the same reason we used to hear before the words face lift, tummy tuck, liposuction and botox began numbing our common sense.  That’s right, the beautiful actress says that she looks after her body from the inside out by eating nutritious food and exercising.  She also practices deep breathing exercises and visualisation.  Well, the proof is in the pudding; who looks better Susan Sarandon or Heidi Montag?


Jodie Foster, aged 48, knows what it means to grow up in the spotlight yet still manages to be self-confident enough to shun plastic surgery.  When the world watches you grow up on the TV screen from the age of three you could easily feel the pressure to maintain your younger appearance but Jodie Foster publicly declared that plastic surgery was not for her.  In 2007 she stated “I’d rather have somebody go, ‘wow, that girl has a bad nose’ than ‘wow, that girl has a bad nose job.”  Too right!  We couldn’t agree more.


Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren, aged 76, was an amazing Italian beauty in her younger days.  You can understand why gorgeous ladies like her and Elizabeth Taylor might have felt the need to retain their beauty when it is something that has helped establish their star status.  However, the fact that Sophia Loren decided to stay one hundred percent natural has meant that you can better see the young Sophia Loren still.


Helena Bonham-Carter, aged 44, never one to be a follower has openly expressed her refusal to have any plastic surgery.  The quirky, cool British actress said it best when she said “You have two choices – you can have the work done and look weirder; or have nothing done and look older.”  She is so right.  Why so many celebrities do not realise this is incomprehensible.  Life lessons can be easily learnt by learning from other peoples’ mistakes yet being surrounded by so many people wearing that mistake on their face does not seem to deter enough celebs.  Bizarre!


Gerard Butler, aged 41, may possibly have let his hair grow grey for the filming of his latest flick but his face and hair have not been tampered with and he certainly looks better for it.  Whilst his face looks older than it did last year he still looks super sexy.  It would be a shame if he ruined his good looks with plastic surgery.


Dame Judi Dench, aged 76, is a fantastic example of a beautiful lady who aged the way nature intended.  Whether or not you think Sean Pennshe is beautiful you have to admit that she looks far better having aged naturally than with the help of a plastic surgeon.


Julianne Moore, aged 50, has stated that she would not have surgery to make her look younger.  The actress acknowledges theimportance of not risking her face in any way when it is imperative to having a successful career.  She also understands the pressures actresses can feel but still feels it is better to own the aging process rather than fight it.


Sean Penn, aged 50, thankfully still looks like his handsome self.  It is sad when good looking actors have plastic surgery because you’re just left thinking, ‘if only you had steered clear of altering your face, you used to be so beautiful.’  Luckily for us, Sean Penn still has those gorgeous eyes and is still a Hollywood hunk…  and brilliant actor.



  1. Hannah says:

    Sean Penn has also bagged Scarlett Johannson so he must be doing something right!

  2. LoveSceneMag says:

    Ha-aa. Absolutely!

  3. Paloma Ramos says:

    Some pictures seem to suggest Halle Berry has had a nose job!