Top 10 Non-Celebs: Beyond The Z List

You may not be a fan of Lindsay Lohan and though she acts like an idiot and seems to be unable to create any publicity out of talent, at least she actually was an actress as a child.  Yes her current attempts at stardom are contrived and pathetic but there was a real achievement that initially thrust her into the limelight.


Maybe it’s remembering legends like Elizabeth Taylor, and our beloved Michael Jackson that reminds you of what being a celebrity used to mean.  From Princess Diana to Kurt Cobain, these people had substance and a highly respectable reason for their following.


Then you get the other breed, the ones who are made famous by the paparazzi because they need to make money out of something, albeit, nothing.  The breed that get into the limelight because of PR agents like Max Clifford who don’t care about the vile viruses they infect society with as long as they can grow their bank accounts and their own reputation.  The breed that get in the limelight because of the fame or wealth of their parents, the person they date or marry, and the revealing display of body parts.  Last but not least, the breed that get on reality TV, create a hurricane like a fake romance and then either move onto another hurricane or get washed away with the rain.


These days there are so many “celebrities” that are far beyond the A-Z list but here are the Top 10 that still really annoy us from time to time…


Lauren Goodger

10. Lauren Goodger

OK, so she is on a TV programme but what that programme is about I have no idea.  Why?  Who cares to watch a programme about tanned rich people!  That’s about as much as I know about this infliction.  Whilst you’re watching (to those of you who do) you are wasting precious minutes of your life as they gain publicity for what?



Katie Price9.  Katie Price

Not sure there are many Katie Price fans out there at the moment.  I read about her daft antics recently at Elton John’s post-awards party in LA and just wanted to cringe.  You’ve got to feel sorry for those kids when they grow up and realise what an idiot and embarrassment she is.  The one good decision she made – marrying Peter Andre – she screwed up!  Whilst she may be a good business woman, a celebrity she is not!



Abi Titmuss8.  Abi Titmuss

What a tit (pun absolutely intended) is this woman!  Nurse turned glamour model.  Oh your parents must be so proud of your career progression…



Paris Hilton7.  Paris Hilton

You can’t deny she is pretty (albeit after a surgeon or two have helped) but what has she really achieved?  Celebrities should be people who have an achievement to be proud of.  Show us you’ve got some skills Paris and we’ll actually afford you a little respect.



Kimberly Stewart6.  Kimberly Stewart

Daughter of Rod Stewart.  Another talentless fool.  Unlike Paris Hilton though, she is a bit of a minger, let’s face it!



Danielle Lloyd5.  Danielle Lloyd

Unintelligent, racist (however much she tries to deny it), and famous for what?  Oh yeah, that’s right.  For posing for Playboy Magazine, for having her Miss World title stripped because she was having an affair with one of the judges, and for seeking out footballers for partners.



Lizzie Bardsley4.  Lizzy Bardsley

Wife swap “star”.  Rough!  Need we say more!



Peaches Geldof3.  Peaches Geldof

This silly girl is possibly famous for being the most hated child of a real celebrity.  She is so keen to play the talented celeb without the get-up-and-go to actually put the effort in that she even pretended to DJ at a nightclub whilst her mate actually did the real DJ’ing beside her.  That was the ultimate nail in the Peaches Geldof coffin.



Jack Tweed2.  Jack Tweed

Married an idiot, married for fame and money.  Went to prison for ABH (actual bodily harm), convicted of assault on a taxi driver and spent further time in prison and then charged with the rape although later found not-guilty.  Ah, what a great role model he is for our generation!



Jade Goody1.  Jade Goody

For the woman who got more attention than she ever should have been allowed.  For the racist, angry, proudly unintelligent woman who Max Clifford inflicted upon us.  It is embarrassing that other countries must look at the UK and think, “If this is your idea of a celebrity and this is representative of what the Brits are proud of then you need a check up from the neck up!”



  1. alice says:

    very depressing article, hating on mostly glamour models

  2. Kerri says:

    This article is too true! Finally, someone has the balls to tell it like it is (although I didn’t see the Kardashians on there).
    Shared. :)

  3. Pop129 says:

    Don’t even get me started on the Kardashians…

    How about Chantelle? Surely she’s worse than Abi Titmuss!