TOWIE’S Chloe Sims’ Secret Agony

Chloe SimsShe may seem to be living the lifestyle of the rich and famous, spending her mornings getting her hair and nails done and meeting the girls for cocktails in the evenings, but behind the glitz and glamour of the reality star, hides a secret torment.


The Only Way Is Essex’s Chloe Sims has struggled with her looks from childhood. After being bullied by schoolmates as a teenager, Chloe is hoping the show has allowed people to see past her looks.


She told Reveal magazine;

“I was bullied in secondary school for my looks, I was called an alien and a stick insect. A group of girls told me I looked like I had Down’s syndrome and were always threatening to beat me up.”


“Everyone has complexes when it comes to their appearance and I’m not different. I’m just hoping people have begun to see past my looks and got to know the real me now.”


Things seemed to be on the up when Chloe won a local modelling competition at 15 and the bullying ordeal came to an end.


“Those modelling pictures were a milestone for me…. Me being in the paper was the gossip of my school and the bullying stopped instantly.”


But the emotional scars still remain and Chloe admits she was hurt by the references to her appearance that appeared on the TOWIE fan page after her first episode aired.


“I made the mistake of looking at the Facebook TOWIE fan page, I was expecting some hurtful comments after the first episode, but nothing could prepare me for the thousands of people saying horrible things about the bits I feel most self-conscious about. It did make me cry.”


Comments were made about Chloe’s looks by referring to her as “plastic” and that she “looked like a man.”


Chloe insists that she hasn’t had as much plastic surgery as rumoured. She admits to having a boob job, lip fillers and Botox in her forehead.


“I only had fillers because I thought I was getting lines like my nan has around her mouth. I realise it was a mistake, though, and won’t be doing it again!”


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