Tulisa ContostavlosSo, you’re eating a cake, a good cake, and someone tells you it’s high in fat and sugar and, unfortunately, is very bad for you. Understandable, surely? Everyone knows the word ‘cake’ alone connotes lip-smacking fret and worry twenty seconds after cleaning your lips, whilst reaching for the second slice. And this is effectively the connection between Tulisa and her scandalous/not quite so scandalous sex tape.


We obviously all know about Tulisa… how she grew up with little means in London and worked hard and grafted her way up the music food chain with N’Dubz, the term ‘against all odds’ affectionately tagging along with N’Dubz like a fourth member. And of course now we all know her as the same girl, just with a fresher appearance and a look that says ‘Herve Leger glam’ rather than ‘Mackenzie jacket and a Fosters’. Having said this, she still walks around with the world on her shoulders in the same way she did five years ago. And so, when someone tells you about Tulisa’s sex tape, are you really that surprised?


We’d all like to assume that she had begun afresh and brushed all her past discrepancies under the carpet. But, as of anything, the past will always bite you on the arse. For a while people kept referring to the tape as ‘alleged’ and ‘rumours’ in order to perhaps retain her dignity, or to keep themselves in the clear, when really we all must have known that this is almost as expected as hearing that Leslie Grantham lives in a shed, or Joan River really is not funny in the slightest (these are for metaphorical purposes and are not facts, but are nonetheless mildly true).


Her apology Youtube video was something that was very refreshing, especially for someone that has tried to shake the past like a bad habit from her new celebrity demeanour. Of course, the apology is directed at the younger fans and their parents, those that primarily know her as the outspoken role model in the 2nd seat of the X Factor panel. Her response was almost immediate and I think received even more views that the actual video itself. It would be easy for her to do a Cheryl Cole and look all sullen-faced and harp on about how ‘ashamed’ and ‘disconsolate’ she is (remember the brawl she had with a woman in a club?) or do a Kim Kardashian and mope about it enough so that everyone finally notices her. Instead, Tulisa stares the camera straight down the lens, talking to her fans across the medium that the whole farce was employed upon in the first place. She basically tells us: “it was an intimate moment and it happened because I loved him.” No half-arsed apologies for making the video (see: Kardashian) and no begging for airtime on E!News for an hour-long special.


Her calm and dignified reaction radicalises the whole ‘scandal’ aspect of it all. She presents herself in a humble manner, especially in a position where others may have crumbled/cried/thrown a tantrum in the face of it all, she continues to remain stable and strong.


I’d never say making a sex tape would ever be a good idea to boost your credentials in the celebrity world where you can be pushed into the shadows overnight, but for once I could probably say that it is the aftermath that may be her benefit. Perhaps, for the first time it is actually a dignified personality that is given merit, rather than suction skills on a Camcorder.


A squeaky clean X Factor judge in the day and sex-mad vixen in the night is not the image we are presented with here. Rather, we have a girl with a past, a genuine multi-dimensional personality, with a lot to offer (no innuendos, I haven’t seen the video yet). I just hope this whole sex tape thing is ignored faster than you can say ‘pillow fight’ because, if I’m honest, I’m a bit bored of the whole crappy palaver already and I need a nap. I might video it and put it up on Twitter, just me and the sheets. It may rack up a couple of hits and you can all judge me for it. I look forward to seeing the blog.


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