Twilight Fallout

Kristen Stewart and Rupert SandersSo now the furore has started to die down over the Kristen Stewart/Rupert Sanders affair there’s one issue that I still can’t understand (and no, it’s not how the Twilight fans are having hysterics about the Stewart/Pattinson encounters at the various premieres or Stewart being referred to as a ‘Trampire’). How come it was Kristen that seemed to get most of the criticism for the whole story, while Sanders apparently was forgotten in the media furore?


Yes, neither of them perhaps should have done what they did. For Kristen when you’re part of one of the biggest film franchises on the planet, the paparazzi are going to be after every picture they can get of you whether it’s at the supermarket or anywhere else. Kissing in public? They’ll be there.


However, Rupert Sanders is married, to model Liberty Ross, and has young children with her. Considering he made vows to love, honour and no doubt avoid be photographed kissing Hollywood starlets in public, shouldn’t he perhaps be receiving somewhat more of the criticism than is being directed elsewhere? Pattinson has reputedly refused to speak to his former lover since the story broke, while Kristen has been reported to have pulled out from upcoming film roles and premieres. In contrast Sanders is apparently on course to direct Snow White and the Huntsman 2, a sequel to the film on which their affair began.


While neither Stewart nor Sanders should necessarily have done what they did, it seems somewhat unfair that most of the blame seems to have been aimed at Kristen. Whether this is because prior to the story emerging Sanders was a much lower profile Hollywood figure, or due to the fact that Twilight fans are more supportive of Robert Pattinson, one thing looks certain. When it comes to the premiere of Breaking Dawn: Part 2, all eyes will no doubt be watching to see if the former lovers reunite on the red carpet.