Un-Inspired or Awe-Inspired?

While I was doing my usual daily snoop across t’internet I came across pictures of various celebrities sporting many different “new” trends.  I had a niggling feeling that I had seen some of them before so I dug a little deeper & found that I was right.  My déjà-vu has caused me to ask myself the question – are these copycats so inspired by previous decades’ fashions or do they simply have no ideas of their own?


Let’s look a little closer shall we?


Justin Bieber - Joe Jonas - Demi Lovato


Okay, so we’ve all seen these before right?  The oversized geek-chic glasses with no lenses.  I don’t know about you but when I first saw them I thought they definitely had to be a new thing ‘cause surely back in the day people had better taste.  Well guess what?  I was wrong.


Doris Day


It would appear that the lovely Doris Day & friends had their hands on these babies before the likes of Bieber was even a twinkle in his mummy’s eye.


Now, I am about to take this further – probably further than is necessary, but hey ho, & go into Barbie territory.  Yes, you heard correctly, Barbie territory.  Since when did a doll become something to aspire to look like?  My head was literally spinning when I saw this picture of The Hills’ Heidi Montag post-surgery.  She is almost an exact replica of Barbie, as are many other so-called celebs out there.  I just don’t understand it, if anyone can explain then by all mean drop me a line via the website.


Paris Hilton - pink bikiniBarbie - pink bikiniHeidi Montag - pink bikini 


Does anyone else see the resemblance?  Do these Barbie wannabes have no ideas of their own?  I understand the whole perfectly shaped body – blah blah blah but she’s a DOLL!!  When did we stop using real people who have made a difference to the world as our inspiration?


I don’t think even I can top that one so I’m going to leave it up to you.  Send me your photos of & answer me this, are they UNINSPIRED or AWE-INSPIRED?


By Victoria Loudon

Images courtesy of: (WireImage / Getty Images);;;