Victoria Beckham Graces Vogue Magazine Cover… Again!

Victoria Beckham is no stranger to fame but she must be proud of her latest achievement.  She has now managed to grace the cover of Vogue magazine for the FIFTH time!  The 36 year old has appeared on the cover of the Turkish edition of the world famous magazine looking positively sexy and smouldering!

She has already made solo appearances on the covers of the British, German, Russian and Indian versions of Vogue and appeared alongside her husband David Beckham on the cover of the US version in 2003, not to mention her 1998 American Vogue appearance with the Spice Girls.

No doubt as a budding high fashion designer she is keen to be pictured alone on the American Vogue cover and now that she is being taken seriously as a designer, we imagine it’s only a matter of time before she does.

Inside this edition of  Turkish Vogue, Victoria poses in the designs of local Turkish designers, such as Yildirim Mayruk, with her olive coloured, slim physiue in a number outfits consisting of lingerie, swimwear and dresses.  She also plugs her Autumn/Winter 2010 collection by posing in a tan limited-edition trench coat from her collection.

Victoria has managed to prove to the world that not only was she stylish, which is significantly easier when money is not an issue, but that she actually has a flair for fashion, proven with her growing recognition as a designer.  She’s gone from WAG to stylish designer and recently I even found myself looking at a funky pair of sunglasses in the fashion pages of Grazia magazine and thinking “I wonder who’s the designer” only to discover, to my surprise, that it was Victoria Beckham!  That is the first time I have ever thought to myself, “I’d buy those”, referring to one of her designs!

She is currently organising her fashion show that will take place during New York Fashion Week this September.  Talking about a previous collection, Victoria explained: ‘Forties and Fifties underwear played a big influence on the collection, but the inspiration is me.’  She explains that she wears the outfits and lives in them, to ensure they feel right, not merely look the part.


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