Wayne Rooney and the Twitter Attack

I refuse to enter into the cheating footballer debate anymore.  I’ve tried but the only conclusion I’ve come to is that they all must be insanely stupid.

Cue Wayne Rooney, who stands accused this weekend of cheating on his wife, adding to the long, long list of sporting ‘stars’ who have done the same.

However, instead of feeling overwhelmingly disgusted on our own, it turns out Rooney’s cousins feel the same, publicly attacking the star.  Remember the one who flashed her boobs at paps coming out of Coleen’s birthday party? Well that one…has taken to twitter to show support.

She tweeted, “Your (meaning you are I’m sure) an utter disgrace to the family.  Poor Colly. I really do feel for her.” Backing her up, Wayne’s other cousin, Stephen tweeted, “Team Coleen, he’s disgusting.”

Wayne is accused of sleeping with prostitute Jennifer Thompson over the past year while Coleen was pregnant with their son Kai, now 10 months.

The prostitute, who charged Wayne £1200 a ‘session’ told on Sunday how she had met the football star at numerous destinations in and around Manchester.  But to add insult to injury, Thompson also told how Wayne had invited her back to the home he shares with Coleen and Kai, whilst his wife was away filming her popular TV show ‘Coleen’s real women’.

Rumours of infidelity have plagued the couple throughout their relationship and in 2004 the couple were facing the same embarrassment as Wayne admitted having sex with a 48 year-old grandmother/prostitute in Liverpool.

An embarrassed Coleen said at the time “I was so upset, my head was all over the place.  The truth is, and I’ve never said this before, but at that time in our relationship, I’d never even slept with Wayne.”

The only consolation I took from reading Jennifer’s story is that Michael Owen (who clearly knew what was going on) looked at the couple ‘in disgust’ as Wayne led her to the toilet of the 235 Casino in Manchester, where she gave him oral sex. Maybe there are good guys in the world after all.

To refer back to the beginning, the only explanation I can find is that Wayne is ridiculously stupid.  He was sleeping with a prostitute – paying her thousands of pounds a time whilst his loyal wife sat at home looking after his child.  Really Wayne, did you honestly think this woman would not sell her story?

Coleen has been embarrassed once to often by her husband, now she needs to follow in Cheryl Coles’ footsteps and leave…for good.  I’m sure by doing this, the public will have the utmost respect for her and her career will go from strength to strength.

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  1. Rooney Hater says:

    What a stupid bastard. i love coleen and hope she leaves rooney like he deserves.