We Are The Brits In America!

Cheryl ColeIf you have always fancied a career across the pond then now might be the perfect time. It seems that we Brits are currently hot property in the U.S with it just being confirmed that not only Cheryl Cole has landed a job on the U.S version of the X-Factor but also….. Steve Jones!


Yes that’s right, the Welsh heart throb has just been announced as a presenter on the new U.S X-Factor alongside Pussy Cat Doll Nicole Scherzinger. Having more British than American faces involved in the launch of the show might be considered a risky move by some, but it could actually be seen as a very shrewd decision.


The American audience has always held a soft spot for the British, even if that soft spot plays up to an old stereotype that we all talk with a plum in our mouths, but since the royal wedding the need for all things British has gone into overdrive. American networks are rumoured to be searching for female presenters with what’s been dubbed as the ‘Kate Factor’; this constitutes being English, classically beautiful, have long brown hair and being well spoken. Doesn’t this sound an awful lot like our Cheryl? (Apart from the well spoken part.)


What is it about us that the Americans like so much? It is almost certain that had Simon Cowell actually been American then he would definitely not be as powerful as he is today. When he first burst onto the scene in American Idol back in the year 2001 he became an overnight star by being rude and obnoxious.


Although extremely famous over here, Cheryl and Steve are not going to know what has hit them as their fame is going to be taken to new heights. If they are stuck on how to cope with all this new attention they could call up Cat Deeley who has enjoyed huge success in the states for five years as the presenter of so you think you can dance? Or even Piers Morgan who famously replaced Larry King on CNN.


I think it might be time to relocate…..