What’s In a Name?

Victoria and Harper Seven BeckhamEver since Victoria Beckham gave birth to a long-awaited baby girl last week, there has been plenty of discussion over the name they bestowed upon her, Harper Seven Beckham. In response, David Beckham took to Facebook yesterday to clarify their reasons for choosing the name Harper Seven for their daughter. So with this in mind I decided to compile a list of some celebrity baby names and the deeper meanings behind them.


Harper Seven Beckham: There has been much speculation about the reasons behind this choice of name; it had even been suggested that they named her after a character from Disney’s, The Wizards of Waverly Place.  However David Beckham has said that Harper had been a name that the couple had always loved and coincidently Harper Lee is the author of Victoria’s favourite book, To Kill a Mockingbird.  As for the middle name Seven; there are seven colours of the rainbow, Seven Wonders of the World, in many cultures the number seven is seen as a lucky number and seven was the number that David wore on the back of his shirt when he played for Manchester United.


Flynn Christopher Bloom: Australian supermodel, Miranda Kerr and husband Orlando Bloom welcomed their first child into the world in January of this year. Miranda has recently opened up about the choice behind her son’s middle name. Christopher was the name of Miranda’s childhood sweetheart who was tragically killed in a car-crash at the age of 15, whilst they were still together. Speaking Willow Sage Hart - Pinkto a reporter recently, Miranda said: “I wrote him a letter after he died, saying I would name my first child after him and that is what I have done. Orlando was very kind and understanding. He said if you want, you can do that.”


Willow Sage Hart: Pop sensation Pink gave birth to a daughter in early June. She is clearly very taken with motherhood and often takes to twitter to gush about her newborn. She also went into great detail about the meanings behind her daughter’s name: “The willow is my favourite tree. I grew up near one. It’s the most flexible tree in nature and nothing can break it — no wind, no elements. It can bend and withstand anything. I love that sentiment. I want that for her.”


Suri Cruise: She is without a doubt one of the most famous four year olds in the world. She already has a designer wardrobe, insists on wearing heels everywhere she goes and it is clear that parents Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes give into her every whim. It is no surprise then that the name Suri is derived from the Hebrew word meaning princess, as she is sure treated like one.


Suri CruiseZuma Nesta Rock Rossdale: Gwen Stefani and husband Gavin Rossdale were certainly never going to bestow normal names like Jack or Sam upon their children and their second son Zuma was no exception. The name is derived from the Arabic word for peace but Zuma was actually named after Zuma beach in Malibu. It was at this beach, apparently, where Gavin had made the decision to become a rock-star. The middle name Nesta was chosen due to the fact that the same middle name belonged to the late, great Bob Marley; and Rock, well that is the genre of music that Gavin Rossdale plays.


You have to hand it to some of these celebrities; they don’t hold back on the creativity front when it comes to deciding on names for their children.

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