When Did Journalism Become A Job For The Everyman?

The Exclusives


Well, this is a little awkward, me taking the Stephen Hawking at new ITV show The Exclusives, a show about journalists, something I hoped I could properly get my teeth stuck into and be really quite positive about. But also, as always, I’m going to moan.


ITV’s latest attempt at the ‘young, aspiring lot’ which we have seen done effortlessly from the likes of young audience experts Channel 4 with Made in Chelsea. This new edition to ITV did seem at first glance like a healthy, more ‘elite’ contrast to the other ITV show that appeals to a similar demographic, The Only Way is Essex. But alas! Shucks, sigh sigh sigh, we can all sit down and stop the party, because ITV have managed to completely rip off a good concept once again.


The show follows six ‘aspiring’ journalists, Hayley, Stuart, Sunny, Felix, Ellie and Christopher, on the highs and lows of following their dream job. But they’re not really journalists, are they? I’m sure ITV didn’t choose the ‘ever-posh but looks like he falls over a lot’ Felix and the rough-spoken Sunny for their credentials in how they keep to word limits. Sunny looks like she’d kick off if someone asked her to write a paragraph in the wrong way, Christopher could easily be the creepy office-groper, Stuart, with all his enthusiasm, may as well sit and face the wall for the time he spends following his ‘dream job’ and Hayley quite evidently got confused with which show she applied for (see: TOWIE) and now she’s in a RIGHT OLE’ PICKLE, ENN AII? Thankfully though, there is one decent candidate who actually seems to care that she’s getting great opportunities thrust in her face, and that person is Ellie. Perhaps ITV did realise at some point through the deducing part of their casting that, after signing up five dimwits, perhaps there should be some real hope in the longevity of this programme.


Whilst I understand that no show is worth its BAFTAs without being diverse and subsequently entertaining to a mass audience, The Exclusives takes the Michael a little bit, and, as an aspiring journalist myself, it’s almost like a slap in the face. At least with shows like The Apprentice, the brain-dead of the litter will almost always get coaxed off at the end of the show – ‘The Exclusives’, on the other hand, almost commends it, putting our brain on drip-mode in preparation for the barrage of adverts that are to come our way, always within 5-10 minutes of each other. Bliss.


I think it’s fair to say that yes, whilst this might not be my favourite show ever, I am going to persevere, grit it out and watch next week’s episode, purely for the fabulous scenarios that crop up, not for the giant wisps of tired meat that flash by our screens every. bloody. minute. Just leave the camera on the steaming machine for the duration of the programme and I’ll be more than entertained, sorry candidates.