Who Will Play Elizabeth Taylor?

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard BurtonLess than a year after her death, a film focusing on the relationship between Elizabeth Taylor and her beloved Richard Burton is unsurprisingly in the pipeline.  She was a star from the moment a director laid eyes on her and we now realise why.  What a legacy she has left!


Hollywood snapped her up from a young age due to her charm and striking good looks.  Why then is Lindsay Lohan even being considered for the part of this legendary actress?  Seriously!  Lindsay Lohan?  How could she ever do the part justice?  She is neither beautiful, nor elegant, nor charismatic.  After all the stupid methods she has utilised to sustain her Hollywood profile she doesn’t exactly bring credibility nor does she command respect.  For anyone to play the actress of all time they need to exude mega star quality and Lohan couldn’t be further from it.  It would be an outrage if they offered her the part.


Fortunately there are others being considered for the role.  One such person is Megan Fox.  Now that’s a better match, so long as the acting fits.  She is increasingly ladylike in her demeanour of late, she has good looks, with practice she could ooze star quality and she actually does have a striking resemblance to Elizabeth Taylor in her younger days.


It will be interesting to learn who will play Taylor as well as Burton.  Who do you think should play the parts?