Why Are People Always Picking On Kate Middleton?

Kate Middleton styleAlthough I am far from being a fashion expert, I do occasionally dip in and out of the tabloids to make sure what I’m planning on wearing that day is at least socially acceptable to leave the house in. So perhaps it is my lack of fashion knowledge that led to this article, or my feeling towards the media criticising famous women; regardless of the underlying stimulus I would like to ask the media world a very serious question: Why does everyone keep picking on Kate Middleton?


Whether you see her as a Princess, a future Queen or just another woman, I personally think it’s very hard to dispute that Miss Middleton has a commendable sense of style, whether she’s wearing something that cost more than my entire wardrobe, or something she bought from last season’s high street.


In the last week I have heard three different criticisms of her style and fashion choices…


1) Kate wore red to one of the many Jubilee celebrations.


2) Kate appeared out and about in a high street dress from last season that cost less than £200.


3) Kate wore a dress that dared to show some thigh!


In response to these criticisms I say this: The Jubilee warranted something white, blue or red; she is a princess, not a spoilt child, why shouldn’t she buy a high street dress if that’s what she’s comfortable in; the dress covered absolutely every inch of her body, bar the minor flash of flesh you saw, and, I would like to add, we only saw a flash of leg when Kate was walking, it was not on constant show. Although I feel inclined to question why it mattered anyway; she was out with her husband celebrating, does being a princess mean she can’t wear what she likes/is comfortable in?


I appreciate that there are high expectations of what a Princess should wear, and because of that a healthy mixture of both style and modesty are necessary components of her wardrobe. However, I can’t help but feel that perhaps attacks are made against the young woman’s fashion choices simply to given other, more judgemental, news forums something else to criticise the style icons of this society for. Personally, I think Kate is fabulous, whether she dares to leave the house with no make-up on to do the weekly food shop, or is even brave enough to show some flesh on the red carpet…