Why Do Celebrity Marriages Never Seem to Last?

Seal and Heidi KlumIt’s been a busy few months with all the break-ups of celebrity couples. Most recently it was Seal and Heidi Klum, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, and before that Katy Perry and Russell Brand (which I’m sure we all saw coming from the moment they got together). The list is endless. It almost seems to be a trend amongst celebrities these days. If you’re a celebrity and you’ve not gone through a hard and might I add public divorce, then you’re an anomaly.


The question I’m wondering is, is it inevitable that all celebrity marriages will end in divorce? Kim Kardashian is perhaps the most ridiculous case after ending her marriage after only 72 days! What is it that makes these couples not try and stick it out for longer? Is it because divorce is so accessible to them due to their immense wealth? Or perhaps marriage just doesn’t mean as much to them since they already appear to have it all, and are never going to be short of attention or admirers.


Now call me old fashioned, but I see marriage as being for life. After all, it’s “till death do us part”, not “till I get sick of you and need a way out”. If it really isn’t working out, however, then fine, at least you would have tried. But it seems a little too convenient that almost all celebrity marriages end in divorce these days. Surely all of their marriages can’t be so hellish that there is absolutely no alternative to divorce? Whatever happened to marriage counselling or simply working things out?


Perhaps they are simply rushing into these marriages without thinking? I for one don’t know the answer; I just think that it seems to be getting out of hand! These people are meant to be role models after all. They’re in the public eye most of the time and if they see divorce as an option as soon as the relationship gets a little tough, then what is that communicating to their fans? It seems these days that it’s highly unlikely when a celebrity marries another celebrity that the marriage will last forever. Perhaps it’s the lethal combination of two celebrities getting together that causes the relationship not to last. We will just have to keep wondering as the divorces are certainly not going to stop any time soon.


For now, I’m waiting for the day we find out that Posh and Becks are divorcing. Now that would make for a shocking headline…