X Factor Live Show Ratings Low

Gary Barlow and Kelly RowlandListening to Tulisa Contostavlos repeatedly tell participants on the X Factor live show that they had “energy” drained me of any energy I had left for the programme! Let’s face it, one of the contestants was so dull it was like watching paint dry and yet she still drew this incorrect evaluation out of her hit-and-miss judging mind.


It would appear that the N-Dubz singer is about as good at judging as any judging panel filler might be.  It’s nothing personal but when a judge sits on a panel passing out feedback to those sweet, desperate hopefuls one can only feel the judges’ credibility should be higher.  Contostavlos’ comments are as engaging as Louis Walsh’s and it would seem that perhaps the British public is finding the whole X Factor charade a little tiresome now.


With ratings at a three-year low it is indicative of the general feeling of apathy that surrounds the show.  Like “psychic” Sally Morgan one does wonder if Contostavlos is being fed lines through an earpiece to help her on her way.  Before the 32 acts were chosen she and Louis Walsh were certainly given more of a script to compensate for a lacking natural talent.  All of this of course feels insulting to the viewer and if it weren’t for Virgin’s V+ box and it’s ability to record programmes, many of us wouldn’t be able to sit and watch the show without the option of forwarding the frustratingly contrived scenes.


What with the behind the scenes strings being pulled to ensure Kitty Brucknell is ecstatically praised by each judge no matter how average or even awful her performance may have been and the fact that Walsh put Goldie through, how can we continue to take the show seriously.


On a positive note, Kelly Rowland and Gary Barlow do tend to give genuine feedback except when Sony bosses and Simon Cowell tell them what to say to keep certain “Brucknells” in.  They are usually spot on and without them the show would take a complete nose dive. Barlow and Rowland both seem to take their role very seriously.  Barlow brings sex appeal and talent to the show whilst Kelly brings girl power and talent to the show.  For that we are very grateful.


To Rowland’s credit the stage direction and styling of Misha Bryan was absolutely brilliant.  This Longsight gal has raw talent.  Whether or not we will see any of the acts long past their days on the show – another reason for declining show ratings – remains to be seen but Misha sure has the talent to succeed.  All she really needs is a heady dose of confidence.


We think you are truly capable, Misha Bryan, and we look forward to seeing more from you.  You’re doing us Mancunians proud.


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