A Drunken Excuse

alcoholThe vast majority of people in this world have a set of moral codes that they go through life with. Whether they are religious or not, everyone has some kind of philosophy to live by and have a sense of what is right and what is wrong. A vast majority of people consider cheating wrong. If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse/life partner/whatever, then you have committed yourself to that person. Each relationship has a set of rules (unless you’re one of those in an open relationship, or you go swinging with your friends and their partners, then this doesn’t really apply to you, as you have your own set of rules) and these rules are not there to be broken. Unless you want to ruin your relationship.

So…the conventional relationship has its own rules. Usually these rules (mostly unspoken, and mostly don’t need to be spoken) consist of honesty, understanding and faithfulness. Now, faithfulness seems to be something a lot of people can’t deal with, and is something many people need to look up in the dictionary. There are many people I have met in my life who have cheated on their other half. And there’s always an excuse. And that excuse is usually alcohol.

Cheating could be anything from a passionate kiss to full on sex (come on, we’ve all seen Jeremy Kyle). Most couples would agree that a kiss constitutes as cheating, and would never ever EVER cheat, not if their life depended on it, not if the world was about to end in two minutes and your boyfriend wasn’t there, but you were surrounded by toned up, oiled up hotties all begging you to give them a big sloppy snog. Nope, no, you would never do it. So why does it all change once a person’s had one too many vinos? WHY?!

What if you aren’t attracted to girls? Would you suddenly become a lesbian after a couple of mojitos and start groping up all the girls in sight?

What if you were a staunch, born and bred Jewish girl? Would you suddenly believe in Jesus and go get converted after a few beers?

What if you were a massive tree-hugging pacifist? Would you down a couple of jagerbombs and go out to murder someone?

NO! Is the answer to all of those things. No no NO! So why is it ok to cheat when drunk?

Alcohol does not change you as a person, and it does not change your beliefs in what is right or wrong. It just unmasks the true person and their real feelings. So if you suddenly get the urge to make out publicly (or privately, doesn’t matter) with someone other than your darling devoted man, then why are you with him? Sober up and seriously consider what you want out of your relationship and whether you are happy.

Drunkeness may lower inhibitions, may make you a little more crazy than usual, and yes you do some stupid things when you’ve had a few, but that’s usually smashing your glass, dancing on tables or causing a wardrobe malfunction (did someone say nip-slip?) So let’s leave the embarrassing tonsil-tennis-with-randoms-on-the-dancefloor to the single people. And laugh at the fact that they’ll wake up the next morning with someone else’s fag-ash breath and a horrendous feeling of sickening humiliation at the pit of their stomach (or that could just be all of those shots mixing with the wine, beer and gin?) And be pleased that you don’t have to go through that any more, because you’ll be waking up to the face of your beautiful boyfriend. Ah, now isn’t that sweet?