A Love Marriage Without Love

love and marriageI was just scrolling the pages of the book, trying to concentrate for the forthcoming exam when I received this call. Nowadays, my heart doesn’t race when an unknown number flashes on my phone’s screen. Without taking the pain of reading all the digits, I picked up the phone.  I was surprised, and amused at the same time, as it was a long-lost classmate whom I haven’t spoken to for ages.


Whilst she was inquiring about the basics, “How are you? Where are you? How’s life? What do you do for a living?” type of things, I was standing with my conventional oh-so-confused look on this side of the phone, trying to understand why she was calling me out of the blue. For some reason, I couldn’t digest the fact that she was calling me after almost five years just to ask how I am. Sounds weird.


After a thirty minute long chit-chat, she finally asked, “Hey. Do you remember the guy, the transfer student who joined in the mid of the semester when we were in high school? I’m dating him since last six months, and I’m thinking of marrying him.” Okay. So, you are inviting me for the marriage, huh? That’s so sweet of you.


“So I was just wondering if you can tell me something about his background. You guys were friends at that time, no?” she continued. Ugh.. Here you go! So, you are calling me to know about the woman-history of that man.


Well, I had no plans to get involved in her marital issues so I avoided the situation by giving a diplomatic answer, “Umm… he was a nice guy back then, but I have no idea what he is like now. I haven’t been in touch with him after school.” After hearing this, she sounded disappointed.


“You can go ahead if you love him”, I added.


“Oh girl! Love is not an issue here. You just have to keep talking and talking to that one person, and you’ll fall for him eventually. Isn’t it? Maybe I don’t love him now, but in future I will”, she replied. Hearing this, my jaw dropped and I was literally mortified.


I mean, I can understand if love is not the first priority for someone to get married and it’s second or third. But, how can love not be a priority at all? How can you be so sure that you will, eventually, fall for that person?


Well, I agree with her partially. Love is about timing. If you keep talking to that one person, there are good chances of falling in love with him but can you really bet your relationship status on this possibility? What if it’s only the momentary fluttering of the heart, and not love? What kind of love marriage is this, when there is no love? And what are you going to do if you don’t fall for him later even? Probably that’s why finding an attorney is not at all difficult these days.


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