A Slice of Chub Love

A Slice of Chub Love  It was a typical morning in the office and as per my normal break time routine I was glancing at the online news headlines. However, today one particular article caught my eye. It was about a new study conducted on Latvian women had shown that overall they found overweight men to be the most attractive. Scientists believed this was linked to a subconscious knowledge that these men had better immunity to common illness and so would make a potentially more reliable partner. I’ll be honest and say that I am not a scientist and quite frankly I have a short attention span so I only skim read the writing in question, therefore I have no idea why these men were meant to be healthier for eating extra large portions. It is not just the science that I have an issue with here. Who were these women? Were they all chubby chasers? While I do believe that when it comes to a long term relationship the personality is just as important as the looks, I cannot help but feel that if I was forced to ogle at a range of men for a survey then my eyes would automatically gravitate to the six packs of the group.

I feel that these researchers could have saved their money and looked at much more convincing facts such as the number of women who flocked to watch Magic Mike at the cinema, of which I was one. Women prefer overweight men? Not according to all of the top 100 sexiest male lists. It was also revealed the other day that Channing Tatum was named sexist man alive, which I whole heartedly support by the way. So tell me Dr, where do your chunky hunks fit in on these lists because I sure don’t see them.

Now, I probably shouldn’t be disputing something that has reports and scrutinised statistics behind it. So, for arguments sake, let’s assume that this study is correct and women are attracted to pot bellies and double chins. I still struggle to believe that in the back of my mind I would seriously be weighing up the immunity of these men. Perhaps these men were chosen for reliability but not due to health reasons; instead because women believe that if they date someone less attractive than themselves then the man will be less likely to stray. People like stability in their relationships but this can be hard to find in an age of discreet personal ads in every paper you pick up or when the adverts down the side of your web pages are all about sexy singles waiting for you. In a time of online dating, private social media messaging, text and call histories that can be erased at the click of a button it is no wonder that us females may aim a little lower than we should in a bid to keep our men faithful. So if it helps women sleep a little better at night, whether they realise it or not, then I say bring on the chub love.