Alcohol: The cause but really the solution?

Why is it acceptable for alcohol to be the reason people hook up, either for a one night stand or even for something that grows?

It loosens the tongue, amongst other things, and lowers the inhibitions. Your vision is blurred and your reactions AND your senses are dulled, slowed and pretty much made useless. This is all common knowledge and we all know the health risks, etc, etc.

But that is all a bunch of boring facts, am I right? You want a good night, a laugh, a dance, a kebab and maybe, if you got lucky, a little something extra. I ask, why?

Seriously, ask yourself the following – Can I have a good night sober? Why do I need to get smashed? Can I talk to pretty ladies or handsome gentlemen with a drink in my hand? Do I hide the fact that I think I can’t dance/am boring/have no self confidence? Do I need a drink if I am not thirsty?

I am, of course, a massive hypocrite. I drink. I just finished three years at university and finished with an impressive drinking degree.

However, I have self awareness, not that this justifies my actions – it merely means I can ask the previous questions to ‘check-up’ on myself.

The ignorant few who drink because it is socially acceptable do annoy me, as a bar man (oh yes, my plot thickens). I see women flirt with any man to get a free drink, and men are happy to ply them with said alcohol to loosen their pants, and nine times out of ten it works.

People laugh drunken sex off, “You’ll never guess who I did last night!”

Why is that loss of dignity funny? Of course safety first… But surely if intelligence was first safety could take a back seat. Let’s not forget that the best contraceptive is abstinence – OK that is a little extreme. However, sexual frivolity is extremely prominent in recent years. All you need to do is look at the rise in reported STI’s, teenage pregnancy and general pregnancy.

I’m not trying to change you, or the world. I am just asking for people to use their heads. Drink the drinks you like, not what will get

you ‘hammered’ or is cheap. If your drink is costly, simply buy less and/or drink slower, it is not a race.

To summarise, enjoy your nights out, but remember you might regret the face you roll over next to.


Leigh Kemp – Jul 19th 2010

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