All It Takes Is A Warm Smile

girl daydreaming about boy‘Amidst strange gazes, when you feel lonely in a crowd, a smiling face may cause missing a heartbeat, swelling of the very soul, your smile may go on, you never know for how many, for no reason, it becomes a drizzle in the drought.’


For the memory of a day’s rejoicement,

In a traumatic moment,

For your smile from the second bench crowd,

For bow it helped me go in,

Oblivion for a while,

And smile back.


These are the few words that I found scribbled in between the pages of my yearbook. As a matter of fact, I have never noticed this guy before. Not even once. Neither I have any memories of this guy nor do I remember myself talking to him. All I could remember is that we were in same class. That’s it. It’s like, I recognize him but I don’t know him.


But now, whenever I open this book, I think of him often.  Not only because he wrote a compliment (well, that is indeed one of the reasons of recalling him) but also because of the fact that he conveyed a very constructive message in such a simple yet dignified way.


He made me realize that how easy it becomes to enter a room full of strange gazes if you can trace a face, smiling at you. How a small bow, which is a symbol of a polite gesture, makes it comfortable to walk across a room full of unknown people. Of course, celebs don’t need it. They have their own style of making a grand entry. But ordinary people like me, who have never walked under a spotlight or the ones who just try to sneak into the room whilst looking at the floor, feel much at ease.


So, smile a lot in order to make people around you more comfortable. After all, nothing can melt a heart faster than a warm smile. And you never know for how many, for no reason, it may become a drizzle in the drought.


Like I mentioned before I don’t remember myself smiling at him or bowing at him at all. But after reading those lines I realized that I do it every single time I see a known face. It just comes out automatically (and subconsciously) whenever I encounter a known person. I don’t know since when I started doing it and now also I wouldn’t have noticed it if he wouldn’t have told me. I don’t even know where this person is right now, but if someday he happens to read this article, I wish to convey my sincere regards to him. He, unknowingly, introduced another side of me to myself.