love scene bagRecently I was passing my lunch break by flicking through articles on an online newspaper site (but only because I had read everything on LoveScene, obviously). I came across an article about three women who put their husbands’ skills to the test by allowing them to pack their wives holiday suitcases. Unsurprisingly, the men failed miserably. One man packed a scarf and jumper for their hot summer vacay, while another neglected to grab any make up or hair products (don’t men realise looking this fabulous takes a little help).

This slightly tedious article inspired me/I was bored so I decided to challenge my own other half. When I first mentioned the men’s packing fiasco he scoffed that it would be easy. However, as soon as I informed him that he should do a similar task for me he looked horrified. Fear wiped away his smug smile. Now, I was feeling generous so I decided to go easy on him and test his girlfriend knowledge on a smaller going out bag. The challenge was to pack my clutch bag for a night out, I figured this was a level 1 boyfriend test; after all we’d been on thousands of nights out.

I thought I would be slightly cruel and dose him with a few rum and coke’s first, didn’t want him to have it too easy.

Annoyingly…he did rather well. I was ready to do a victory dance and chant about men never paying attention, but alas it was not to be. He missed a few crucial items, such as black eyeliner a.k.a a girl’s best friend. He also put in a whole bottle foundation, which had better not be a hint. He also got things slightly wrong, such as lipstick instead of the lip gloss I was wearing, but I felt it would be too harsh to hold that against him.

Does this mean that he does pay attention? All this time I thought he was glazing over as I lectured about compacts and the joy of mini hairbrushes, but perhaps he was a boyfriend ninja. However, it is more likely that we girls just go on about things repeatedly that our girl essentials just become drilled into their heads. Either way, we win.