Bedroom Blues


I don’t know about you but to me a bed is a sacred place. When I am sad or upset it acts as a place of comfort, when I am shivering it gives me warmth and when I want to have a lazy Sunday it doesn’t judge me for the number of biscuits I have eaten. So what do I do when someone threatens to turn my humble duvet shelter into a place of stress and anxiety? I am of course talking about sharing a bed with a bad sleeper! I am an extremely light snoozer so one overly loud exhale from who I’m sleeping next to can cause hours of unrest. At the moment my boyfriend is my main issue. He clearly has no sleeping etiquette, for example he woke me up because I was sleeping with my mouth open and it didn’t look attractive. Seriously. Words cannot describe my anger. He also claims that I hog the duvet, when in fact it pushes it off himself in his sleep. The other night he woke me up by grabbing the duvet and ripping it out of my hands with such force that I had no clue what was happening. I can just about deal with these issues, although don’t get me wrong I am not happy about these poor habits but I know that after I have yelled at him once it wont happen again.

Yet there is one thing I am definitely struggling with…He is a major bed sprawler. I wake in the middle of the night to find myself about an inch from the edge of the bed, but I cannot roll backwards as he is Now, he insists that he doesn’t do this and if he does it is only to get closer to me. Lies. I have woken him up several times telling him to move over, however he never remembers me doing so by the time he wakes up the next morning!

I am stuck on ideas for trying to solve this, switch bed sides maybe? Swift kick in the shin every time he gets too close? What I do know is that when we do finally live together I will definitely need a second bedroom.