Behind every great woman is a …. rubbish friend

   We have all been there. We have all gossiped with our best mates about boys, how to get that crush and what to text back the hotties from Friday night. We have all then been pretty miffed when things actually hit it off and suddenly our friend disappears and leaves us behind. There is nothing more annoying than when our mates go from being our partner in crime to a ghost that is constantly flying off and spending more time with her man than you. Now I know it is a bit immature to get jealous and hate no longer being the centre of attention, however our friends can be known to take things too far and always put the fella before the friends.

So if we have all been affected, and we have all been hacked off, so why do some of us become such hypocrites when someone else does it to us? As you guys know I am in a long distance relationship, which isn’t easy. The distance between us is 5 hours and I we make alternate trips every two weeks. However, the issue that I struggle most with is that I have a lot of friends who live near my boyfriend. This should be a good thing…however…with so many different friendship groups everyone wants a piece of me and more specifically, my time. I arrive about 10pm Friday night and leave 3pm Sunday, so I am not even around for 48 hours, yet some friends get angry with me for not seeing them. It seems they cannot do the maths and realise that I am in actual fact barely around. Instead they choose to see it as me picking my boyfriend over them. I try to understand their point of view, but the kicker for me is that the friend that has been the least compassionate is the person I know who is the biggest hypocrite. When she had a boyfriend she was barely around, and made it very clear that he was her number one (despite knowing me longer).

So what is the best way to promote girl power? Do I cave to the hypocrite and betray myself (and common sense) or do I let her believe that I am choosing my boyfriend over her instead of wasting my time. They say behind every great man is a great woman, but who has our backs?