Bye Bye Booze!

I made a vow today, to stop drinking. I am finding daily that my drinking is becoming more and more, and while I think I am at no stage even close to an addiction I do think it is helping me in making stupid choices. Such as who to argue with, which person to abuse that night or at worst case who to text. So from now on, I plan on sticking strictly to non alcoholic drinks!


Is alcohol the key to forming relationships with friends, or is it personality. Well let’s be honest for a second. A huge part of my university life was about getting drunk, been an idiot and meting people (while drunk) I used to meet friends in my flat. We once drank a bottle of Vodka between two of us, and with no mixer…. why? Because we could and because in our heads this was fun. My drinks vary, I will drink pints with the boys, wine with the girlfriend or a nice Pernod if I am feeling a bit fruity (using words like fruity make me think I could be needing alcohol again soon). Pernod is the drink that will put me on my backside within an hour, mainly because I don’t like to have much of a mixer with it. Pints are something that have begun to have no real effect, it will take me a while on them before I get anywhere close to being drunk, and in honesty a lot of money. Wine was never about getting drunk, it was about been social with the girlfriend. Although it is now worth thinking about what it means to know you just socially drink because others do.


For me going to the pub is an easy thing to do, I just leave the house and head straight there, I will sink about 4 pints, and then go home. What is now becoming apparent is the fact that I have started to buy beer for the house, ensuring that most nights I will have a beer (and by 65 die of sclerosis of the liver). Whilst buying beer for the house is not a bad thing, surely it can’t be good when you are then drinking at least 6 nights out of seven thus ensuring that I am consuming more that quadruple my designated unit allowance a week. So why now? What makes someone want to give up getting drunk?


I am bored… I go through the same problems the following morning, I have text the wrong person, I end up fighting, or worse I end up sleeping with someone whom I wish I hadn’t. When these are problems that I have to consider when planning my night out…. well it just becomes easier to cut out beer. What is worth remembering is that the beer is not to blame for anything I do…. I am, and why? Because I pour it down my throat, I am aware of what is in the glass, and I am aware of its affect…. but today I say no more, and I ask…. who needs alcohol…. certainly not me. I don’t want to say sorry to a different person every day…. so it’s easier for me to walk away and say to my old friend alcohol, goodbye…. so here is message for the Beer, Wine and Pernod…. take care guys…. see you around.


For the record…. it’s day 1 today and I vow I will make this week and next easily…. it’s social nights out where the struggle will come!


Sean Bromley

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