Chancing Change

break upsIt’s a familiar feeling; letting go. That favourite pair of trousers that you know you will never wear again for fear of everyone thinking that you are living in a world without mirrors, but that you can’t quite bring yourself to throw out in case one day they do actually become fashionable again. We all shamefully own that one pair of socks that cheer us up just by looking at their amusing slogan or silly pattern and despite the fact that they have more holes in than a colander, we cannot put them in the bin just on the off chance that they are our one lucky charm and the world will fall apart around us if they no longer live in our drawer. And what about that discontinued cereal? We eat every last bite, savouring the flavour; knowing that we will never get to eat its sugary delightfulness ever again.


These trivial things make us feel happy and comforted and so when it comes to letting go on a bigger scale, it can be a lot harder. When someone you could never imagine not loving or trusting decides that they have had enough, you can suddenly find yourself shocked into an unknown territory and the next direction can seem very unclear.


Familiarity makes us feel comfortable and it makes us feel safe. It gives us a sense of protection that allows us not to have to think too hard about the days ahead of us. Whilst this can be enjoyable, and not to mention, gives us less spots and doesn’t cause us to get up out of bed at four in the morning to eat an entire tub of Ben and Jerry’s, sometimes a complete change to our life can turn out to be a good thing.


We have to think for ourselves and all of a sudden every decision we make becomes much more personal. Instead of sacrificing what we really want to do, for someone else, or only doing things by half measures, everything we do is because we want to do it and because it benefits us. In turn, this can make us a much better person. It can really reveal to us all of the people who are truly important in our lives and it can cause surges of proactivity that we never even knew we were capable of – that run around the park going from unimaginable to a daily occurrence.


This emphasis on self does not just have to be for the big things in life either, like travel or taking that new job, despite it taking us to the other side of the country. It could just mean that instead of turning down that extra glass of wine at the pub with your friends in order to go home and watch football, you can stay for two more bottles instead!


With change comes fear and it is easy to find yourself at the beginning again, a place that seems like a very distant memory. However, at the end of the day, we are here to live our own lives and no one else’s. I think the moral of this story is, pick yourself up after the tearful midnight fridge raid and embrace the change.


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