Christmas Present Politics

Christmas giftI’ve always been one of those people that panic buys at Christmas; I fall hook line and sinker for the 3 for 2 deals and bulk buying aromatherapy candles for every woman I know but I’ve realised I need to face my panic buying problem. If I can’t afford it I don’t buy it and if someone from 8 years ago turns up with an unexpected gift I don’t feel bad because they are trying to induce guilt to get a present out of you.


The issue I’ve never had though is buying my boyfriend (now fiancé) a present. I’ve read countless women’s magazines that start a countdown to Christmas alongside a suggestion of gifts you should buy your partner. The gifts all vary in price and sentiment and the way they work this out is by basing how long you have been together; yet, to me this doesn’t make sense.


I’ve known my fiancé for just over 6 years and we’ve been together since December 1st last year; we got engaged in June and are now living together, but according to Cosmopolitan I should be buying him a hip flask and a selection box so I don’t “scare him off” with an elaborate present. Basically it’s a load of bollocks.


The simplest way to avoid money and disappointment is to ask your other half what they would like; you get an honest answer and save your money on an unused gift.  I know people will be reading this saying “but I want to surprise them!” Well just ask yourself does a bad surprise outweigh them getting something they actually want and know about. Also if you know them well enough you should be secure enough to make a good decision on what they would like. Take my situation last year, I bought tickets to a see a comedian for my fiance’s birthday and I was unsure whether he would like it but it was just my own insecurity; it was a total surprise and he loved it. Seeing as he loves comedians I should have given myself more credit at my decision-making.


So if you are thinking of surprising your partner, don’t listen to a magazine, they will not know what they like. Ask the person your buying for because believe me they would much rather receive an Xbox than a hip flask.


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