Come To Bed

Come To BedEverybody knows that a standard part of a conventional relationship is that at some point you will share a bed with your other half. I am not talking about in a sexual way, but in the innocent spooning way.  This may not sound like an issue, but to me it is my biggest nightmare. I am an extremely light sleeper and struggle to drift away when sharing my bed with people that I am dating. I spend hours lying there listening to the other person’s breathing gradually become heavier until they nod off. Occasionally I fall asleep quickly only to wake up a few short hours later left with only an inch of duvet and a quarter of the bed space, especially bad as I am five foot seven and like to sprawl.

The thing that astounds me is that I appear to be only one who has this problem. All of my past bed sharing partners never had any issue with falling asleep. I remember one ex who was horrified to discover my laying there in the middle of the night listening to my ipod, especially since we had known each other for around two years and had been having slumber parties for a few months. My housemates also brandished me a freak as often I would creep into their beds at 5am in a bid to get some shut eye leaving my boyfriend alone upstairs. One guy that I had been seeing told me that he would always wake up and find me gone, not that he ever bothered to come looking for me.

I had begun to feel that so long as I dated I would be destined to feel exhausted, that was until one cold winter night nearly two years ago. My now current boyfriend was staying over for the first time and to my delight and shock…I had a good nights sleep. He has turned into my longest ever relationship, and no not just because I really love sleep. Is it possible that our subconscious relaxes when we meet someone that we are really compatible with? Did my body know that he would be my boyfriend before I had even figured out that I really liked him? Maybe that the notion of following gut instincts isn’t so crazy, after all it appears that my body really did know best.