Do Opposites Really Attract?

Do Opposites Really Attract

When growing up my friends and I had the phrase “opposites attract” drilled into us by romcom films. We firmly believed that we should date someone who is nothing like ourselves. When I was in full on study mode I would tell myself that bad boys looked more attractive, when I was going out drinking the quiet, shy guys had an intriguing mystique. As I have gotten older I have attempted to continue this theory yet when it came to being on real dates, by real I mean those where you go with intentions other than to just ending up in a tonsil tangle, I have discovered that spending an evening with someone who has no shared interests has both peaks and pits. The peaks can be that you learn new things from one another and there are lots of new topic starters. This can be especially useful for first dates as your unique interest can provide ice breakers. After all, first dates are usually full of questions anyway.

All sounds good in theory, right? Perhaps not so much. You may learn new things but if you do not share the same spare time activities then you will struggle to contribute in-depth opinions. If you only manage to constantly skim the surface when talking then awkward silences are bound to follow. If your conversation turns into a Q & A session, then it’s not a’s a free seminar.

So knowing this you would think that I would now steer in the right direction when dating. Unfortunately, this is not necessarily the case. In a battle of head versus hormones, there needs to be a balance. So in an ideal world I need a super fit guy who makes me swoon every time he gets topless (what I like to call the diet coke effect) and who challenges me intellectually. That’s not asking much, right?