Dream Cheating

I recently had the most horrendous dream where my fiancé was cheating on me, I woke up crying and was in a mood with him until I 20110112_dreamcheating_cropped1realised “I just dreamt that; it wasn’t real.” All right, I’m one of those people that will partake in a cheese board before bed and not be worried I’m going to dream odd things but if something is on your mind it translates into your dreams in a messed up way. It was around the time where my partner was working a lot of hours, I missed him and my brain was cruel enough to suggest he isn’t working at all, he’s with someone else; sometimes your brain is a bitch!

Confusing reality with your dreams is easily done; it sounds odd but it really is easy to confuse the two. There are times when things affect your relationship that you don’t expect to; trying to get a bit a shuteye should not be a worrying experience where an episode of Eastenders plays out in your head.

Friends I’ve told have enforced that it’s not my tiny mind going mad, in fact a lot of them have trouble distinguishing what has happened. A girl I know told me she found a pair of underwear in the living room and went upstairs and put all her partner’s stuff in bin bags and put them near the door, turned out she had found the underwear in the living room whilst she was having a nap on her sofa so it seemed all the more real.

Maybe I’ll calm down on the Brie from now on…