Fairy Tale Love vs. Real Life

fairy tale loveSince childhood I’ve been really kind of mesmerised and fascinated by this whole idea of falling in ‘fairy tale love’. The kind of perfect love which they usually show in fairytale movies where a charming prince on his white horse lands into a girl’s life from absolutely nowhere. (Okay. It’s 21st century! So, the white horse can be safely replaced by a red Ferrari here.) Where, the guy comes to the girl’s rescue whenever she is in any trouble. Where, he treats his girl no less than a princess. Where, they live happily ever after. The kind of fairy tale love which every girl may not have lived, but definitely dreamt of. And I can vouch that every single girl in her teenage must have imagined herself in a fairy tale love. Argh! Don’t ask me the ‘why’ word now please.


But when you gradually transform from a girl into a woman, you realise that, THAT kind of perfect fairy tale love, when somebody is deeply and madly in love with you from top to toe, doesn’t happen in real life. And now, standing in my early twenties, I have eventually realized that whatever they show in movies is too far-fetched, exactly like a scoop of ice-cream. It tastes sweet as long as it’s in your mouth but that happiness is momentary. It melts just in a moment, before I count to ten. Fact is, real life is a bit too realistic and these fairy tale moments are too good to be true.


1. What we usually expect: A warm cozy morning with your partner lying on your side. Cuddling with you. Caressing your face. Gently placing each and every single strand of your loosely knit hair behind your ear.  And then waking you up with trucks of love whilst the early morning sunlight plays on your body, (well, that’s not my imagination wholly, that’s how I see it in any average romantic flick).


But on the other hand a usual morning will be like this: He is wrapped up in the bed sheets, hanging on the corner of the bed. Snoring! Sleeping on the pillow which is filled with his drool, with you yelling at him for watching soccer or cricket till late hours and asking him to wake up and get ready for the office. Isn’t it?


2. Believe me. No one, absolutely no one, comes running from a one mile distance (or on his bike or car, even) during the dead of the night and waits right below your balcony, just to get a glimpse of you! Whenever I watch something like this, I question myself.  Will someone ever do something like this for me? Then, my heart whispers, don’t listen to Taylor Swift’s songs anymore!


3. This fairy tale moment is one of my favorite: Falling asleep on his shoulder during a ten minute bus ride – but not at all happening in real life! Usually, either he is too busy to offer you a shoulder to sleep on. Or the destination arrives too quickly and the bus stops before you fall asleep!


4. Most common fairy tale moment: A ball night. The guy took the girl out on a shopping spree. Spent some four-five hours. Changed some twenty-thirty dresses, but still nothing clicked. Guy started getting cranky and then suddenly the girl comes out of the changing room wearing an extremely beautiful fairy like dress, looking like an angel. Bang! Guy’s jaw dropped. Totally dumbstruck because of the inexplicable beauty of his woman!


Don’t they show it too often? Frankly speaking, I have never seen a guy doing this for his lady in real life. Actually, the fact is that most of the men do not enjoy shopping as much as women do. For them, shopping is a horribly eccentric and bizarre activity. To be precise, an emotional binge! The very idea of taking their women out on a shopping spree pisses them off. And if somehow they do take you out, they prefer to pick the first dress you try on, without further ado.


5. Wipe off. Entirely wipe off all those lovely scenes of cooking food or washing dishes together with your partner, from your mind. And don’t you even dare to dream of getting a birthday cake baked exclusively by him or an early morning breakfast served in bed. Things like this, hardly happen in real life.


6. All the working ladies, please bookmark this fact. They don’t want to drop you to your workplace every morning and they don’t want to pick you up from your workplace every single evening. So, do not keep high expectations.


And then there is a whole list of anniversaries and birthdays which didn’t end up with a candle light dinner and a bouquet of roses. Do not be heartbroken if he misses your wedding anniversary. Every day may not end up like a fairy tale but I am sure that you must have definitely experienced at least some of these kinds of fairy tale moments in your life. Love them? Then, cherish them.


At the end, author Shipra Jain has left a task for her readers: Have you ever experienced a fairy tale moment? Have you ever created a fairy tale moment for your partner? If yes, then drop a line at



  1. Anwesha Basu says:

    Beautiful. Simple yet conveyed everything it had to. Keep writing. Will wait for the next one :)

  2. Prasenjeet Das says:

    Wow…I never thought that ,this lovely lady has a lovely creative side too(apart from looks)..I like your naration,the way you portrait your feelings,the choice of words…Lovely.
    Hope to see some more in coming days..Keep up the good work friend.

  3. This story wwas my great help to my homeork for English course.
    I had had a task to write a short story with a topic strange house
    and some children in. I had changed only some characteristics of main character and I was ready.
    Thank you for yyou lesson hhow to write storytelling. This was my
    first successful work with which i won my teacher’s attention.