Fun, Unusual Wedding Trends

wedding ideasWeddings – once upon a time, it seemed like if you had been to one, you had seen them all. Since then though, couples have embraced the challenge of differentiating themselves from their peers and parents by adopting unique (if not wacky) décor elements. Only time will tell if these innovative new concepts are the wave of the future or thin fads that will soon pass off the scene but, in the meantime, they can both inspire and amuse.

1)      While we doubt white wedding gowns will ever become an anomaly, but more and more brides are turning to coloured frocks to make a statement as they waltz down the aisle. All variations of the rainbow are represented and dramatic hues like black, gold and pink are leading the pack (if you don’t believe us, just flip through the pages of the latest gossip magazine). This is perfect for brides that are looking to stand out among an ocean of ivory, as well as those who are looking to save a few bucks; with very little exception, white wedding dresses are much costlier than their coloured ball gown counterparts. When choosing your hue, take into account what tints will look best against your skin tone, as well as what shades will compliment (but not excessively match) with your wedding’s colour palette.

2)      A bouquet made from flowers? How boring! Many brides are creating the ultimate keepsake by carrying bouquets made from nontraditional textiles like brooches, feathers, buttons, wire and more. This kind of bouquet lends itself well to hot trends of “DIY décor” and “personalization”, as brides can easily incorporate their grandmother’s pendent or origami flowers folded from a page of wedding ideastheir favorite novel. Edible arrangements are also making waves, as ladies are starting to carry arrangements made of things like candy and kale. More ecofriendly than flowers flown in from pesticide-riddled green houses, non-floral bouquets can be designed to fit any aesthetic from rustic to opulence.

3)      More and more couples are breaking free of the traditional church affair in favor of marrying in alternative spaces. Yes, many find their choice setting in beautiful gardens, but others are turning to unconventional locations that hold personal meaning; libraries, art galleries, sports stadiums, museums, carnivals, farms, movie theatres are all on the table. When couples are holding their nuptials outside, an increasingly common trend is to let fauna run wild in scenes like the top of a mountain or among the lush trees of a dense forest, rather than trying to restrain and bend nature. A popular trend is to recreate the innocent days of a rural summer camp, complete with guests dining in a mess hall!

4)      Flowers and dresses are not the only wedding staples that are becoming completely transformed – now, it is not unusual to encounter a wedding cake that is not made from actual cake! Cheese, waffles, macaroons, donuts   . . . the only limitation for ingredients is what is imposed by the imagination. Many people are foregoing the stereotypical dessert entirely in favor of treats like s’more bars, breakfast foods, candy bar buffets and more. This provides any reception with a contemporary feel, and it can be significantly cheaper than the inflated price of an actual wedding cake.

5)      There are different kinds of photographs that brides and grooms repeatedly ask for – shots of the bride having her hair perfected, a photograph of the groom waiting at the altar, the wedded couple sitting in the limousine – one requested angle that is gaining wedding ideasmomentum is a “morning after” session. Morning after what you ask? The photographs are meant to capture the happy newlyweds hours after spending their first night together as a married couple. While this is not necessarily anything new, handfuls of couples are now including overtly sexual elements that were only hinted at before. While there’s some dispute about whether this was flaunted as a “hot trend” prematurely or not, there’s no doubt that the press it received have since inspired some naughty shoots.

Tell us ladies, which of these trends do you think will stand the test of time, and which do you hope fade sooner rather than later?