Girl On The Platform Smiled…

Facebook datingRealistically have you ever seen a man or a woman approach another man or a woman and introduce themselves and ask for a date? Other than in chick flicks, I haven’t. Imagine what the world would be like if men and women were straight to the point about dating. The problem is, we ask ourselves too many questions; what if he doesn’t like me? What if I make a fool of myself? The worst that can happen is he says no and none of us like rejection. It seems like its becoming more difficult to talk to that cute guy you spotted in the bar or that guy who’s eye you’ve been catching on the bus on the way to work.

More and more singles are using dating sites in the hope of a new exciting relationship. “So I met this guy on Facebook…” Is becoming a popular story from many of my girl friends. I agree that chatting to someone on Facebook is so much more stress free and comfortable. You don’t need to worry about anything, if you get a feeling of an awkward silence you can blame your internet connection instead of having to admit that the conversation is going no where. If it turns out he’s a total creep you can block and delete instead of using the excuse of needing the bathroom for your little get away. Lets face it you will probably browse through his pictures to see what he looks like and what type of pictures he’s tagged in, if he’s tagged on nights out with different girls in his arms every weekend then hmm you know where the delete button is.

I think generally people enjoy being relaxed as they meet someone new and it’s easier to suss out what that person might be like before meeting them but meeting online definitely does have its downsides too…

Firstly if you have him on Facebook you don’t want to get to obsessed with liking his profile pictures and commenting on all his status’, he’s just going to think you are a stalker and no one wants that, right? Secondly it’s easy to interpret emotion wrong when you don’t really know the person. Was that a joke about my hair or is he serious? Signals can be misunderstood which makes situations awkward! Lastly, remember not to be disappointed when you meet the lovely guy that sends you poetic lines about love (that they have probably copied and pasted from some cheesy site) but doesn’t compliment you at all when you meet and is noticeably checking other girls out! All I’m saying is people can be a lot different in person rather than online. Some people set their expectations to high then shocked at the disappointment!

On some dating sites they can match you up with ‘compatible people’ er, what happened to fate? “Oh fate brought us together” no, did! What’s happened to the cute love stories? My grandpa fixed my grandmas bike for her when they were around the age of 14 and they have been together ever since. I perceive that as love.

What is love becoming in the modern day I ask you? Are we now in a world of checklists and compatibility, are there too many rules about dating? Should you wait for him to ask you out? If he hasn’t called you what do you do? Agh these rules are exhausting and ridiculous. I’ve noticed a lot of women draft the ideal man out when he doesn’t exist. We are turning in to analytical robots and too busy wondering if it’s going to work out rather than focusing on making a better relationship for ourselves.

Lets relax!

So that friend of a friend of a friend… don’t add him on Facebook, just go speak to him?


By Emma Marie