Guilt Be Gone!

Guilt Be Gone!

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We all know that when swimming in the dating pool things can sometimes seem daunting, especially if we have been bitten by sharks before. Sometimes we let previous relationships cloud our judgement when trying to go forward as we can’t get over the emotional trauma of boyfriends past. In my personal experience this fear cannot be over come until you meet someone who is genuinely so nice that you suddenly feel like you’ve been snapped back to life. This may be weeks, or sometimes even years, but a good new boyfriend can erase the worries created by a bad old boyfriend.

However, what if it isn’t just ex’s that make your stomach tighten when trying to move on…what if it is a bad relationship with your parents? It may sound cliché trying to blame the parents for our own misguided judgement, but sometimes our relationships with them may have a hold over our dating choices. I personally no longer have a relationship with my father, something which is very difficult for me, and I never thought that I let it affect my day to day life. This was until some friends pointed out that I had made some poor man choices and they asked if I felt it was because of my dad. Huh. I don’t personally feel that my family life has an impact on my love life, I think the decisions I make are usually based more on lust! However it was an interesting point. Do you feel that the way your family treat you affects your romantic relationships? I think everyone is unique and that different events in our life can leave imprints on our hearts in different ways, a bad experience or a cold opinion can easily linger in the back of our minds for years to come. The one thing I do know is that regretting our decisions are a waste of time and energy. Regardless of why you took the path that you did, you should look at things for life lessons to use moving forward. By feeling guilty and embarrassed by poor dating decisions the only person being punished is you. So let’s nip that in the bud and make sure that you and I both hold our heads up high and own 2013.