Happily Ever After?

Dating coupleEverybody loves a happy ending, especially me. When I’m feeling a little blue there’s nothing better than shutting out the rest of the world and watching one of my favourite Rom-Coms.


We all have our favourites, the ones we can watch over and over again; still keeping us hooked throughout and inevitably making us well-up at the end.


In my opinion nobody makes a better romantic comedy than the British. They tend to be the most realistic, avoid terrible clichés and cast more talented actors and actresses. My personal favourite has to be the one and only Bridget Jones. Unlike the countless boring and predictable characters portrayed by the likes of Jennifer Anniston, we can all relate to a character like Bridget. I for one also suffer from a rather embarrassing case of verbal diarrhoea, am constantly making a prat out of myself and am prone to making the wrong decisions when it comes to my personal life.


As comforting as these films can be, they can also be a source of worry and insecurity. After all, Bridget Jones is about an ordinary woman in danger of becoming a spinster and then getting swept off her feet by a tall, dark and handsome man.


At 20 years old I am probably too young to start worrying about becoming a spinster but nevertheless I can’t shake the feeling that I might actually end up like Bridget- minus the Colin Firth bit at the end.


Rom-Coms have given us an illusion that no matter who you are, how old you are or how dire things get things will always work out for the best. This is why we love them so much because we hope that our own lives will work out this way. It’s a nice form of escapism.


There is a reason why we don’t see an ending where the girl doesn’t get the guy because nobody wants to admit that it is a strong possibility, however, it would be a refreshing new storyline that we haven’t seen before, (take note Hollywood!).


I wish that I weren’t so cynical sometimes and could go back to a time where I could watch a movie without pointing out inconsistencies and how that ending would NEVER happen. It would be nice if Richard Curtis could write my ending for me though…..


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  1. Hannah says:

    This post makes me feel like putting away the war films for a while….Downfall never gives me this warm feeling.