How to Create Interest and Attraction When Approaching a Woman?

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The art of asking a woman out on a date has been debated, tested and refined for thousands of years. And yet, despite having access to all of that knowledge and wisdom, men still panic when it’s time to approach the object of their affections. They begin searching for little tricks that are guaranteed to make any girl swoon, when in reality women are just regular people who want to be treated decently. By cutting the one-liners, paying attention and following these four easy rules, any man has a chance to land that date.

Make the Effort to Look Good
There is no bigger turn-off than poor personal hygiene. Women can and will notice how long it has been since an individual showered, whether he is wearing deodorant, if his breath is fresh and how tidy his hair is. No guy is perfect, so she will probably overlook a few little things, but if the conversation isn’t going well it may decide whether or not she gives him her number. The first date or initial meeting is like a job interview: Applicants who don’t even make an effort will not be considered.

Find a Common Point of Interest
The key to making a connection with a woman is to find a mutual interest. This can be anything from the latest TV show to a shared passion for bird-watching. No matter what the topic, once two people find something to discuss their odds of hitting it off improve dramatically. It’s all too easy for a man to dominate a conversation, so he must restrain himself and let the woman guide the dialogue. A man should pay attention, ask insightful questions and not spend too much time talking about himself.

Give Compliments
There is a fine line between a compliment and obvious flattery, but men should not be intimidated into abandoning politeness altogether. If a woman has beautiful eyes, or seems to be highly intelligent, mentioning it in passing is an easy way for men to let her know they are interested. Her reaction to a compliment is also a quick way to gauge how receptive she is to advances. A compliment doesn’t have to be directly about her, either. Praising her dog or the book she is reading is an easy way to start a conversation.

Be Respectful
Keep introductions short and direct. There’s plenty of time to discuss your shared love of Japanese cuisine over dinner, but it’s better to leave her intrigued and wanting more. If, on the other hand, she is unavailable or uninterested, men must always be polite and bow out with respect. No woman wants to feel harassed, and doing so will eliminate any chances of a future date.

No matter what the so-called dating experts say, that’s really all there is to meeting a woman. If a man is well-groomed, shows an interest in her and treats her politely, most single women will at least consider him. Dating can seem nearly impossible, but with the right mind-set it becomes as natural as striking up a conversation.


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This is a guest post by Louise Mitchell, a relationship blogger. She advises couples with relationship troubles as well as helping singles on the ways to find the best partner for them. For more relationship news, please read here.