I pity the fool

I pity the fool  I am not a massively competitive person. Don’t get me wrong I don’t enjoy losing, but I get over coming last pretty quickly as I have accepted that when it comes to sports my abilities are a bit hit and miss, cards games I often put to luck and drinking contests usually end in tears (or vomit). However, when it comes to the dating game I hate how competitive everyone else can become. In my day to day life best friends are a point of sanity, the people I vent to when I am at the end of my tether, so why is it that when it comes to who is single and who is in a relationship they turn into monsters.

 When I was eighteen, a fresher and new to living in a city, I put my flirting skills to the test and dated a few different guys, not at the same time I should add. Yet I was the only single person in my group of friends and as soon as they had drunken one too much the abuse came out in backhanded compliments and snide digs. I was brandished a slut by those who I trusted the most. The worst part is that my friends knew that I wasn’t doing anything physical with these men, just going on harmless dates. Now I do have other friends who are horrified that people would be so nasty to me and wondered why I put up with it. The simple answer is that I pitied them. Anyone who looks down on their friends and who swears that they ‘never behaved like that when they were single’ are obviously insecure in their own relationships, otherwise they wouldn’t care. If you have a mate who hints that they think you are a tart, when you both know that you aren’t, then ask yourself why they spend so much time worrying about your dating life when they are meant to be in a serious and happy relationship. Quite frankly even if you are actually a bit overly flirty then it is no-ones business so long as you aren’t hurting anyone. So my advice to those of you enduring this is to hold your head high and have fun as you are only young once. My advice to those dishing out opinions: no-one cares so get over it.