Loving Yourself

Loving yourselfBefore contemplating a serious relationship with another person, I believe you have to have a healthy relationship with yourself first. In all fairness I think it is okay, to an extent, for a person to love themselves without being too big headed about it!


You have to love yourself before you learn to love any other person, accepting your flaws as well as your positives and learning to bury any insecurity you have about yourself. How can you except any one to love you if you do not even love yourself?


It is important to go into a relationship feeling not only secure about your partner but also about yourself. You should know your self worth and what you have to offer other people, not only possible love interests, but friends, family and job roles. As an individual you need to know yourself inside and out, what you like and do not like and ultimately what you want. Without knowing any of these you risk going into a relationship vulnerable and unsure.


Knowing you deserve the best and should only be treated with respect, love and kindness should be thought of when starting a relationship and you should never settle for anything less.


Loving yourself comes first, before anything else in life and once that has been accomplished it makes loving another person somewhat easier. Being secure with yourself will ultimately help you to be secure with others.


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