Manotional Wreck

man cryingFrom the beginning of time, when men went out to hunt and kill the dinner and the women stayed behind to sweep the cave and tidy up the children’s play bones, it was assumed that women were the more sensitive of the sexes, unable to go forth and catch a wild pig for fear that they might come over all peculiar at the sight of blood or get upset by this act of the food chain.


Clearly we as women have come a long way since then and over the passing of many hundreds of years have managed to prove ourselves just as strong-willed and tough as the male race that we are constantly compared against. Yet a question now looms as to how emotional men have become, and more importantly, are we okay with this?


When the first sounds of snuffling as Marley and Me draws to its heart-wrenching ending are not coming from you but from your boyfriend curled up on the sofa next to you, does it make you wish you had chosen James Bond instead so that he could spend the duration of the film informing you what he would do if he had a watch that conveniently doubled as a laser gun? And when you turn that handsome guy down and he starts to fill up with tears, do you wish he had professed that he never even liked you that much anyway, before angrily storming off never to be graced with your presence again?


Surely, a man’s sensitivity (even if he is always more emotional than you) proves that he is a confident and trustworthy person who is willing to be open and not hide his feelings behind pretending not to care because he thinks this is the macho way to behave. In the long run this will probably encourage us women to be a bit more open too and so a more balanced relationship can be created. As long as men show they can be caring and supportive, and maybe get rid of the spiders when we’re too scared, then I think they can cry at Coronation Street all they want. Maybe I’ll go and spear some fish while they do it…