Men Dressed for Dating Success?

first dateGuys, can we just note there are a few things that will always mean you’re left as the floundering wingman and nursing a ready meal for one on a Saturday night? Okay, so we can’t guarantee dating success but when you’re reduced to actually considering signing up for speed dating or just beginning to find the woman from the advert less irritating and more appealing, some help is required.


1) Socks and sandals are a style no-no. Even if you’re David Beckham, there are some combinations that could see you under arrest if there was ever a real life fashion police. Avoid at all costs.


2) While we’re on the subject, white socks should be kept for the gym and nowhere else. Aside from being the ultimate bad taste combination with Crocs, there are few things worse than an immaculate black suit being spoiled by glaring Persil white hosiery. You are not a jazz performer, so please don’t go there.


3) Make sure clothes FIT! This may seem like an obvious statement but it doesn’t matter how much you spend on something if it’s the wrong shape/length/style. Some things can be adjusted, like trouser length so make friends with your local dry cleaners and avoid the zoot suit look.


4) The dreaded ankle gap: when your trousers are just a fraction too short to meet your socks and there’s a blinding white flash of skin in between. Guys, no one wants to know if you’re more hirsute than hair free or start guessing whether you prefer waxing to shaving. Always do the sit down test when you’re trying on a new suit: sit on the changing room seat to check if you need a slightly longer trouser length instead.


5) Lastly, don’t forget your footwear. Trainers are fine if you’re heading down the gym but not so great if you’re looking to impress us ladies. You can’t go wrong with a classic lace up pair of brogues, just steer clear of ‘wacky’ (i.e. bad) bright colours. You are not Krusty the Clown.