Modern Dating


Years ago the regular “where did you meet?” story would be “in a bar” or someone introducing each other. Whereas now meeting someone can be done by logging onto your laptop or signing up for a new reality show.

I’d be such a hypocrite to say it’s sad as I met my fiancé on Myspace, but I never tell anyone that haha. What grips me the most is how odd a relationship can develop, how strong feelings can become talking through a screen or through unusual circumstances.

Until the new MTV show “Catfish” came out I had no idea about Nev Shulman’s own story. Catfish was originally a documentary, which prompted him to make the show with his brother. Nev’s story involves him falling for a dancer/photographer called Megan Faccio who in fact turns out to be a 40-year-old woman named Angela. If you’re unaware the show basically is Nev and his brother assisting people that are having relationships online and are unsure if who they are really speaking to and if what they are being told is true so Nev investigates. Some of the episodes are truly shocking and make you evaluate what you put ‘out there’ online.

“The Undateables” shown on channel 4 every Tuesday at 9pm has become the talk of much controversy. The show follows people who are living life with challenging conditions that affect their attempt to find love. Although I find it heart warming, people I have spoke to have said they find it very uncomfortable to watch. There are a few laugh out loud moments and although it is not malicious, I thought is it right to laugh at these people? they are like everyone else seeking love.

‘Take Me Out” hosted by Paddy McGuinness started in 2010, the premise of the show is one single man gets the chance to choose between 30 single women only if they leave their lights on. The ladies decide whether to leave their lights on during 3 rounds, which reveals information about the man in question. At the end of the 3rd round the man then gets to narrow it down to 2 woman, ask the remaining 2 a question and based on their answers choose a date.

I think these new dating shows are entertaining but is it taking the excitement out of the dating scene and making it less realistic? A lot of modern dating techniques are ridiculous, dating in the dark springs to mind and an app called Grindr I heard about. Everything is hyped up now, I know people like to expand their search area and go out of their comfort zones but I find it a bit embarrassing, as I like those types of things to be private. You’re already self analysing on a date why add to it by documenting it on a TV show and making yourself far more conscious; I’d say stick to meeting a friend of a friend or on a night out, maybe even online but staying safe has become more important than ever.