My first kiss went a little like this…


My mother has always said that we have to “kiss a lot of frogs before we our prince” just how true is this?


We’ve all heard to stories about the magic from the first kiss from your one true love, thing is you may be waiting a long time to find it. Is the magic of the first kiss real?


My first ever kiss as a teenager was nothing but bland. All the expectation of it being one of the best moments in a girls life meant that it unfortunatley didn’t come up to scratch. If anything it was just a kiss, just that. Nothing to add, nothing to report. My lips touched someone else’s and felt the same as my favourite kissing partner – the back of my hand, except maybe my hand was a little better.


So why do we expect a glorious rush of passion and love and lust from just a very minor display of affection?  Does this spark really come out of it’s shell when you find him, or do we just enjoy the fact we are snogging the guy we’ve fantasized about for the last month?


The only spark a kiss generates is that it’s the opening of the flood gates to a serious night of love-making. One kiss leads to a French kiss which leads to second base and so on. That is the beginning of love, all kicked off by a sweet kiss.


Is that the spark we are all on about? The fact a kiss will give you more in terms of a physical partner?


If so why do we teach our children the magic of this spark? The tales of Disney princessess frinding their knight in shining armour and his sweet kiss exploding like fireworks – when really the spark means a stumble into a bedroom and the quick unbuttoning of a shirt or two.


Thing is the “kiss” means a lot. Kiss the wrong person and you may have trouble getting them off your case, while if you kiss the right person, you may not get where you want to be. How do you even refuse a kiss? “Sorry no, just not with you?” Uh-uh. No. If your date is leaning in and practically on a bended knee begging you how can you squash him like a bug with a bitter rejection?


You can’t without feeling bad about yourself or about the fact you are ruining a fairly pleasant evening.


To incurable romantics, the kiss is the first step which ignies the fire, the love, the passion and desire to the man who holds them in their arms. When this idea is nice, it’s not really ideal standing waiting for a bus…


Some people don’t like kissing. I happen to be one of those people – unless of course they are seriously amazingly good looking and have completely swept me up and know exactly what they’re doing. I’ve ever been comfortable with it. Yes it’s all nice and sweet once or twice in a row but when it goes on and on and on it becomes uncomfortable and much to their distaste I just have to pull away. So my kiss initiates no spark at all. Therefore hardly any interest.


Don’t get me wrong I would adore my own Christian Grey – then I wouldn’t stop. But until then I don’t think kissing will ever be one of my favourite activities unless I truly completely utterly desire it from a man.


By Serena-Louise