Nabbing your man

man flirting with other womanAttracting a man can be the most difficult challenge a woman can face – especially if that man isn’t interested. Some give up and say “Why bother?” but some just pull out every trick to capture their fancy man.

How far would you go to nab your fancy man?

The question we all begin with is: How do we do it? Well naturally, the first female thought is to make him jealous, it’s a trick women have used  for the last ten years. In the hope that seeing you with another man, preferably a nicer looking one, will instantly make him come back to stake a claim.

Although, when does that ever work, unless the guy considers it sweet, which in most cases doesn’t happen. Actually it makes us all look a little desperate, but hey if it works and the shoe fits because your at rock bottom, anything will do.

The first level of attraction is when you meet them from the first time, exchanging smiles, talking and laughing, to a woman humour is a huge deal and of course guys, you’re jokes must be funny before we laugh at them. Some men are shy, whilst others will ask for your number before he knows your name – ever watched Geordie Shore? You’ll know what I mean if you do.

The second level, if you know this person, such as you work with him then the two main aspects of this attraction boils down to: Familiarity and proximity. Combine these and those rogue butterflies in your stomach with flap fast with excitement. Of course we all get shy around the guy we like, we can’t help it – it’s their fault for being to cute.

The final and biggest level must be that you have to flirt. Flirt your butt off. Why I hear you ask? Because if he does it back then you’ll know whether or not he’s interested, especially if you start cracking the sexual innuendo jokes. Get them flowing, flutter your eyelashes and dress to impress, and if he’s one of those incredibly shy guys, offer to buy him a drink to kick things into motion.


By Serena-Louise