New Year Blues?

happy new yearSo it’s bye bye Russell and Katy, Katherine and Gethin. With two celebrity splits in as many days, what is it about the new year that seems to fuel these kind of break ups?


Maybe it’s because the new year is meant to be about making a fresh start, whether in relation to your job, living arrangements or relationship. Saying goodbye to the past and hello to new things could easily seem more exciting maybe than staying with what you currently have. With celebrities it seems that the phrase “irreconcilable differences” (anyone know what that actually means?) is a regular occurrence, as is with the case of Gethin and Katherine the problem of clashing work schedules and busy diaries.


Maybe we don’t have these reasons for a break up, but it’s easy to see how the idea of a fresh start can be appealing, particularly if this year has been one you would prefer to forget. For me personally I plan to focus on moving out and finding a job that does more than pay the bills. If there happens to be an attractive, funny and firmly unattached date involved as well, then that would definitely be a resolution to look forward to keeping.


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