Niche Markets a Big Part of Online Dating

online dating nichesNiche markets are claiming more and more of the $2.1 billion online dating industry business. So what’s driving online daters to these tailored sites? The answer is simple. They have the potential to give people what they are looking for relationship wise. For instance, the niche site Ashley Madison is a website for people looking to have affairs. While this may not be the first choice for many looking for love, this site has the distinction of being the largest niche dating site in the world!

 For those looking to meet someone in hopes of actually developing a relationship, niche sites offer the best chance because they help narrow the focus of who you meet. A segmented database considers details like age, sex, geographical area, etc., and interests like hobbies, religion, sexual preferences, and more to help people meet like-minded singles. For instance, one popular online dating site, VeggieDate, is based on vegetarianism. Eating vegetarian is a lifestyle choice many meat eaters just can’t grasp, and it can actually create difficulties in relationships. For many vegetarians, giving up meat and other animal products is about more than just what they eat but how they view the world. The niche dating site has made it possible for others with that same world view to meet each other, and it’s a great place to find to recipes, too.

Niche dating sites also include specialty sites based on a single interest. The Passions networks includes sites like Pirate Passions where you meet people interested in all things pirate, get to pirate speak, and maybe even meet someone who likes to dress up in pirate garb. One of the most recent additions to the niche specialty online dating industry is the Farmers Only site. It’s popularity shows the importance of finding an untapped niche to establish a successful brand.

Another popular niche includes travel companion sites like the Miss Travel dating site. This one works a little differently as the person looking for a companion is expected to pay all the travel expenses. Traveling together provides an interesting way to meet. The site is perfect for those interested in travel as well as for those who don’t want to go on holiday alone!

At the other end of the dating spectrum a dating for marriage niche is another growing market that is really popular in Middle Eastern and Eastern cultures including the Japanese dating market. This niche carefully filters membership to include only those who are seriously looking for a marriage-only platform.

If you’re not sure where to start, Global Personals offers a number of online dating sites to choose from. No matter what your interests, there is probably a niche dating site that caters to it. If not, you might want to start one. Niche dating sites are popular and have proven profitable for those with the vision to meet the needs of an untapped niche. There really is someone for everyone and it’s getting easier to find them.